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SA Emotions Diminsh Critical Thinking

Aug 13, 2015 - 0 comments


I find that when time has passed from my last period of acting out, feelings begin to wash over me at some point. It confuses my critical thinking - the critical thinking that aloud me to think clearly of what was REALLY going on right after the moment I finished acting out.

So it seems to me that I must work even harder to focus on and fight through those SA emotions to keep critical thinking remember!

The critical thinking that is diminished is:
Belief in God: what He says about everything
He will take care of me,
that I can give it up and everything will be fine,
that he will provide as he did for Elijah
It is sin
It ruins marriages, careers, and lives

Don't do...just believe in Him and his words! The longer I believe the quieter the SA emotions become and louder critical thinking becomes.

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