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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About CPAP Masks

Feb 17, 2010 - 3 comments

Sleep Apnea



Are you having problems with your CPAP mask? Are you newly diagnosed with sleep apnea, and want to find out what options you have? If so, please join me on February 23rd at 8PM Eastern, when I interview Chip Smith and Brian Werther of Restoration Medical on "Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About CPAP Masks."

During this information packed hour, you'll learn:
  • The key to getting the right fit
  • What's the right mask for you
  • How to overcome the most common mask problems.

Topic:  "Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About CPAP Masks"
Date:    February 23, 2010
Time:   8PM Eastern / 5PM Pacific

Please go here to register and receive your access information (phone # and web access):


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by pressi, Feb 18, 2010
i am father of 2yr5mths old child ,my wife has rheumatoid Arthritis,its not hereditay.I wanted to know will this effect my son any ways in future.

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by stella5349, Feb 20, 2010
pressi... this is an autoimmune issue with RA and these things can come in 3's. Does your wife have any other issues?

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by yawdah, Feb 22, 2010
am a young guy of 25 pls i need to knw...i have this ball like swell on my left breast(inside) if i tourch it, its pains. pls what do u think its the course?

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