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July 9, 2008:  Follow Up appointment

Jul 09, 2008 - 11 comments

So I saw my GP this afternoon & he said everything looked great on my scan.  He pushed on my stomach and it hurt really bad so he showed me on the scan where it was hurting and there was a ton of backed up waste in the areas.  I always thought I was semi-regular, but not the case.  I am beyond thankful for the news as I was certain something was seriously wrong but now I've been given a second chance.  Thank you for everyone's support here... I am going to continue to be apart of the forums I can help in.

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543028 tn?1282428826
by Sharon2714, Jul 09, 2008
congratulations !!
but please continue to monitor all of your symptoms and dont take any platitudes for an answer ...
dont ever forget the bottom line that sofi needs her mom :)

i wish and pray for u all the very best

349465 tn?1289081764
by Teresa222, Jul 09, 2008
Did you move to Nashville?

This is the first time this has happened since I've been posting on this forum.  You just needed to go to the bathroom? No cysts, no nuttin'...just that? You are very lucky.  You should breathe a big sigh of relief.

483733 tn?1326798446
by TrudieC, Jul 09, 2008
My my, that is good news.  I'm very happy for you.  I hope they can determine why you are backing up in that area and get all moving quickly.  

Take care,

272338 tn?1252280404
by crecco, Jul 10, 2008
I do not mean to scare you, but my GP found the same thng in x-rays done in Oct 05, I was dx in Nov 05. If this continues to bother you for much longer, PLEASE have it checked out by a different Dr.

542504 tn?1215499883
by mama2sofi, Jul 10, 2008
Crecco - so your GP said your pains were constipation related and then another GP found cancer?

542504 tn?1215499883
by mama2sofi, Jul 10, 2008
My doctor pushed around on my stomach and it was like a fresh bruise.  Still is - my cat always tries to climb on my stomach and it has hurt that bad for a long time.  I can't believe it's only from stool.  I think I need someone with more expertise to see the scan.  My back is sore to the touch as well and my blood pressure was unusually low today (94/56 - it's usually 115/60) at the visit and he didnt even address it - I forgot too also. But he sent me home with a prescription for metamucil and milk of magnesium.  I think it's more serious than that.  Maybe since he knows I am a non-insurance patient he is overlooking something on purpose - probably not, but is it possible to have them transfer the images to another doctor ... did you?

272338 tn?1252280404
by crecco, Jul 10, 2008
No, my GP ordered pelvic x-rays as I had been being treated for IBS asnd was not getting any better.When she got the x-rays back, she said that I just had stool backed up. Nothing changed as far as how I was feeling. We tried everythng, special diets, fleet enemas, nothing made any difference. I was still in pain and it just got worse. About 2 weeks later when I began to develope what I thought were cysts all over my torso, she got concerned and sent me to a general surgeon who did a thorough exam and a biopsy on one of the "cysts" It came back cancer. I do not know what they were actually seeing in the x-rays. But it was a general surgeon who dx me, and immediately sent me to an oncoligist. I could actually fel the hardness in my abdomen which I believe turned out to be the tumor.
  I am not trying to scare you,but if the problems persist much longer, I would suggest you see someone besides a GP. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against GP's but when a regular gyn can miss it so easily, well.... It just would not hurt to see someone else and see what they think.
  Love Chris

272338 tn?1252280404
by crecco, Jul 10, 2008
  Yes they will transfer images, esp if the other Dr wants to see them. But I would guess that he will probably want to order tests of his own, even after seeing the others.
  I also find it hard to believe that much pain is caused by stool back up. considering you have been like this for awhile. While I am not a Dr, I do know that being backed up for that long could cause a lot of problems. I was also told to take metamucil daily along with a whole lot of other things that we were "just trying" like acidopholous pills, some prescription med for the cronic constipation assiciated with IBS, a low fiber diet, but nothing worked. How is your appetite? We finally figured out that the enemas were not working because there was nothing in my body to get rid of as I was eating next to nothing. But the pain continued and I could still feel the hard spot in my lower abdomen. I really do not think it was the tumor as it seemed to switch sides every couple of days.
  I did not transfer images at that time as the GS wanted to run his own set of tests. But most normally they will. A lot of times when you make an appointment with the other Dr, he will ask you to bring them with you or they will call and have them sent.
  Please try not to worry a whole lot. I know that is hard to do, esp being in pain like that. It could very well be something simple, but I would not want to see you take any chances, as that sounds like what i was dealing with.
Let me know what you decide to do and what you find out. I will be thinking of you.
  Love Chris

542504 tn?1215499883
by mama2sofi, Jul 10, 2008
I am going to go ahead and do a system flush and evaluate things at the end of July.  I felt so crappy today that if this continues I'll go in sooner.  Thank you for your advice.

329994 tn?1301663248
by lvfrogs, Jul 10, 2008
Well, at first I was going to say that it just great! Turned out to be something relatively minor, then I read Chris's posts, so now I am not so sure. I would say if you don't feel better after a good system flush, then definitely see another doctor. Take your past CT scan results with you but like Chris says, they will probably do their own.  I had an ultrasound, colonoscopy and CT scan and they didn't find my problem until I had the emergency appendectomy, so sometimes things do not show up on film.
Take care,

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by DK66, Aug 29, 2008
My husband had a ruptured appendix last week and had surgery right away.  He was in the hospital 3-1/2 days and they sent him home.  It has now been a week since surgery and he still has nausea off and on (better on that part since I got him some "Nausene" pills, but he is still not eating, has no desire to eat, he is so crabby (he is not usually like that).  He threw up 2 days ago and we went back to the surgeon and he ran blood tests which he thinks are OK, it showed a high "white blood cell count" and high "absolute neutrophils", but he doesn't think he needs another CT scan.  Is this normal to be so weak, not eating and no desire to eat, drinking some fluid (but not enough I feel).  His bowels are working fine.  He is urinating plenty too.  I don't know what else for him to do.  Anyone have any ideas?  Thanks.

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