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Optic nerve swelling

Dec 16, 2007 - 1 comments



optic nerves


intercranial presure

In september 2003 I went into the Navy and had my eyes tested, the optometrist noted that I had larger than usual optic nerves. I had a CT scan done and the findings were -

"The noncontrast scans through the orbits demonstrates a small calcification on the left retina in the region of the macula which is of uncertain clinical significance. No other abnormality of either globe is seen and there is no evidence of proptosis, swelling or thickening of the extra-ocular muscles, or other orbital abnormality demonstrated."

In short "Tiny focus of left retinal calcification at the macula ? significance. "

Now its Dec 2007 and ive just been to get my eyes checked as I am short sighted and have found my vision to be much more impaired than before and found my optic nerves to be very very swollen. I'm still struggling to get any sence of my situation    

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by blb3433, Dec 16, 2007
I had a similar situation and was diagnosised with psuedotumor cerebri, ms and glaucoma. All effect the optic nerve. There are other diseases that can also effect the optic nerves.  My neurologist took a sample of my Cerebral Spinal Fluid while he was measuring the pressure to find I had high CSF pressure in the brain and spinal columne and a protein that was indicative of ms. The high pressure in the brain caused me to have all the symptoms of having a tumor.  I hope you find the right answers.

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