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Back surgeries

Feb 21, 2010 - 1 comments

back surgery







In 2005, I had two lower back surgeries within five weeks of each other. It was at L5S1 level. These surgeries did not help much and I continued to have left leg pain. It really got also worse in Oct.09 and I saw my neurosurgeon and had a fusion done Dec. 4 09. This was a hard surgery to get past, and I got a feeling its going to be a long time. I still have some pain in left leg with mostly foot numbness. I just started having problems with hip pain (no bone graft was done) to no explanation to why. I also am now hurting with nerve pain in my right leg. I have never had the pain in this side, so that scares me that something else is pressing on a nerve. I also have a popping noise in my fusion area that hurts. When I shift my hip like moving one leg up in the bed or just walking it happens. The doctors PA in the office has no idea what this is and has never heard of it. I also have electrical zapping all up and down my legs, with the left being the worse at night when I am tyring to go to sleep....this drives me NUTS! I am on Trileptal/Neurontin for this.... If anyone reads this and has any input, please do so...

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by marly1956, Mar 06, 2010
Hi there Becky!
Its good to hear from someone who has had the pain that I am now going through. I have already opted out of surgery as my husband and my brother in law both had back surgery and they are still in pain. My brother in law, the screws came loose so they had to go in again after a year. He is a truck driver so I don't know if it was the bouncing around or not. He also mentioned a popping noise as well.
My pinched nerves are the same as yours but I have the L7 as well. I can't sleep at night due to pain in both of my legs, started in the right then it went to the left. My physician more or less said my back is getting worse. I just had a spinal cortisone shot the other day in hopes of some relief but found out this is only for arthritis. Last night had to be one of the worst I have gone through, I think I was awake every hour when the pain hit it HIT. First one leg basically from the knee right down to my toes, I'd get up walk around as best I could for relief, back to bed and the next hour would be the other leg. Yes it is driving me NUTS as well. Now that this leg pain is getting so excruciating I don't know whether to opt for surgery or not. I have had many surgeries done, not spinal and it is really starting to scare me.
I have a fan running on my leg(s) all night. That seems to be the only relief I get, but it sure didn't help last night at all.
If you or anyone else has any comments on this pls. feel free to send me a msg. I am getting so tired of it all.
Thanks to all of you, I know I'm venting but its not helping. Hope to hear from someone :))

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