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pcos endometriosis, man hormones

Jul 09, 2008 - 2 comments

GRRRR I am angry with this stuff. I see a gyno for the thyroid now a real specialist. He was an old next door neighbor. I want to stop going through premenapause lol! I want my area to stop hurting. i want low cholesterol. I want my life back. i have some back now. Except my whole body hurts. I wish we had endos in saginaw, but there in ann arbor! I just hate these man hormones, IM so mad!

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by Ynge, Jul 09, 2008
Have you tried Natural Progest cream? You can get it in the health food store!

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by Cynnieb4, Jul 09, 2008
Yeah I have heard about that. I can wait one more day I hope! I am feeling a little better been on the phone all night !

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