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ob appointment

Feb 22, 2010 - 0 comments






Henry is in a anterior breech presitation. He was 1lb1oz. He kicked my bladder lots:) He is growing great and is big. My cervix was great and fine and I got my first weekly shot of progesterone today. I get then till 35-36 weeks. I will start celestone at 26 weeks. I did nto get alot of pictures since he was facing my back though:( I loed Dr. Campbell and he agrees about the progesterone which eases me a whole lot! He also said I ahve no signs of having an icompitent cervix!!!!! Dumb Dr. Baker!!! He seems to rest alot on Saturday or Sunday for some reason. Sophie read to him yesterday and he loves when He is read to! He showed off his kicks at Grandmas house! I made wool soakers Saturday and more wipes and burp cloths and one more changing pad. Love the warm and natural material! It looks so nice! Doing great and not gained much but that is OK according to the HR OB. I am so happy and think I will make it to at least 36 weeks!!

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