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Announcing Were Expecting!!!

Feb 25, 2010 - 6 comments

Does anyone know any fun unique ways to announce that your expecting. I will be 10 weeks on Sunday, my hubby and I have not told anyone yet and were waiting until my 12 week appointment to announce our news. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

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by katsmommy, Feb 25, 2010
my plan was to have one of my u/s videoed and then maybe invite whoever you want to tell over for movie night and then put the dvd in of your u/s so it will be surprising and then you always have the gifts for the grandparent maybe a bib or something that says worlds greastest grandma she will get the point when she opens it but these were just some of my ideas good luck

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by turkee23, Feb 26, 2010
have your family over for a dinner and make everything baby...examples baby back ribs, baby corn, baby hot dogs on buns anything mini sized!!! cupcakes for desert

this is a GREAT one Decide you want a family picture invite them ALL over!

Once everyone is together, have your husband be the one taking the picture, instead of saying "cheeese" say by the way (your name) is pregnant and capture everyones reaction!!...would be a priceless picture

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by turkee23, Feb 26, 2010
i voting again for the family picture!

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by Lucey12, Feb 26, 2010
Depends on who you are telling. I made a shirt that said "baby" just below my belly button, when I went home for christmas. My mom and dad knew but no one else did. My mom, sister, her bf and kids and my cousin met me at the airport. After about 7 minutes of seeing them my sisters bf finally said... "whats with the shirt" I jjust smiled and he was like "really" then my sister started crying and my niece (10) started crying. At the time my niece was crying because she didnt want "another" little one bugging her (she has a 2 year old sister). Shes really excited now though.

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by EmsMom07, Feb 27, 2010
Thank you ladies for your suggestions =0) I'm still debating on what to do, but hey I still have 2 weeks so thats ok lol

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by Caralea, Mar 01, 2010
Have each member you invite over open a gift.. each gift have 1 letter in it.. B A B Y and once they open the gifts- figure out the word...


cake    blue/pink dyed cake and have a grandparent cut into it.

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