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Going for 2mg!

Jul 10, 2008 - 2 comments

Hi all,
  I'm on 4mg for a few days and 2moro I'm going to 2mg.I hope it isn't as painful as Lortab withdraws.I have real pain issues on top of the withdrawals,but I can't take pain med.So I hope it is alittle easier.Somedays I wish I hadn't seen Suboxone,but it did bring me here.I just think it's going to be harder to come off the come off Drug.Crazy huh!

                                                                                    Peace be with You!

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by didittomyself2, Jul 10, 2008
i was on subutex...all i can say is taper slowly...i cold turkey from 2mg and had bad wds for 2 weeks...first week being crazy and second week was better each day...good luck!

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by SOCAL742, Jul 10, 2008
It was the jump from 2mg to 1mg that I really felt it. I think i sent you a message about me last night after 24 hours with only 1mg sweating and chills really bad.

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