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Surgery Scheduled for 3/2/10

Feb 26, 2010 - 2 comments





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My surgeons nurse called me and said that my surgeon has put me in for Tuesday 3/2/10 for my surgery. He will be leaving for a 3 week vacation at the end of the week so he requested I come in that day for my surgery. I didn't expect it quite so soon. (the added my pre-op with my consultation on the 1st) But I am glad to finally get it over and done with. The pain has gotten a bit worse and for the past couple of days I have had some swollen saliva glands and lymphnodes. :( That kind of scares me. We will go over everything on monday as far as RAI treatments and how long I will need to be off work. They gave me a letter to give my boss stating that I could be off 3-4 weeks and she flipped out on me asking if she had a choice in my surgery date. WTF? She is so I don't even want to say. I basically had to tell her I am sorry MY CANCER is such an inconvienence for HER. She's pretty ruthless when it comes to off work orders, especially when she has 5 people out already on maternaty leave and injurys. Oh well, my health comes first. I shall let you all know what the surgeon says on the preop / consultation.

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by Justi_has_a_booboo, Feb 26, 2010
Good for you! WTF nerve for her to be pissy! If she has an issue she needs to speak to her boss or HR department about her being under staffed. She should not ever EVER make you feel badly for needing to take care of your health. I was a manager for 5 years. Being under staffed is part of being a manager LOL I am so glad you told her off!

Getting it over with is awesome! BUT Be sure to ask them...hey now...if he or she is on vacation for X amount of weeks...who am I following up with for my biopsy results, who is my contact in the hospital during my stay and after if I have any needs and/or questions?!

OKies off to sleepyland for me I think see ya laters :)

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by momwithcrappythyroid, Feb 28, 2010
Good luck with your surgey. I hope all goes well and you are quick on the path of recovery.  Personally I can't wait untill my thyroid comes out but I'm sure I will have some apprehension too.  I agree you need to make sure you know what doctor is taking care of you while your Doc is on vacation.  Being in the medical field I tend too see another side of things....not always a good thing.  Make sure you don't fall through the cracks!!  Oh and by the way, you work in a hospital right..  So do I and it is amaizing how insemsitive bosses can be.  My boss continues to brush me aside and just says...oh you will be fine you're just anxious.  You have to remember to think about your own recover and not your bosses inconvenience!!  Again good luck and positive thought and prayer are sent your way!!!!

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