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period or implantation bleeding??

Feb 26, 2010 - 3 comments





implantation bleeding



Hi everyone, I have been experiencing a light pink/brown cm for about two days, it was just once when I would wipe, then yesterday (day 3) it was really heavy and really dark brown (enough for a tampon) then today (day 4) it was not enough to use a tampon, but still brown. I should have started my period 4 or 5 days ago, so I'm wondering if anyone who has been pregnant has had this? I'm not sure if implantation bleeding could be that heavy like it was on day 3. Also it started when I was expecting my period anyday. I've also been having a cramp in my lower left abdomen. Not very comfortable! :S
But any comments would be helpful!

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by MissionMomma, Feb 26, 2010
did u take a pregnancy test yet??????

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by kg25, Feb 28, 2010
Yes I did yesterday, came back negative :( , but Im feeling tired alot and not very good, So Im going take another one tomorrow morning.

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by teeee99, Jan 15, 2013
Were you pregnant ?

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