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Found a cure for my Sudden Hearing Loss & Meniere’s Disease

Feb 28, 2010 - 8 comments



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Finally found a cure for my Sudden Hearing Loss & Meniere’s Disease - so I'm sharing with as many people as I can in the hopes it will help (also helped with my tinnitus, arthritis, bleeding gums, and other less serious symptoms).

In 2006 I suffered a 60db single-sided sudden sensorineural hearing loss, followed later by vertigo attacks and a diagnosis of Meniere’s Disease. I have since made a *full* recovery after suffering for 3 years. In my case these symptoms were the result a simple but powerful Type-3 (IgG) food allergy, which I have also recovered from.

I created a web site to document my own experience since it appears most ENTs have little idea about simple allergies (e.g. food, environmental) as one possible cause of significant & sudden hearing loss.

It includes scans of my hearing tests & allergy results.

Of course the allergies are just the mechanics of 'how' - solving the root cause (the 'why') provided a permanent cure.  See the web site above for all the details.

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by khassounah, Mar 01, 2010
This is a great story, I am glad to hear that you got your hearing back.

I've gone through a similar experience when it took doctors more than a year to diagnose my uncommon condition after which the treatment was simple. Documenting your experience (as you are doing) is the best you can to help people with similar conditions reach the answer faster and with less pain. Thank you for sharing.

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by cymbri, Oct 18, 2010
Meniere's Disease - Cure

The "TAO 1" book is about healing and achieving long life by International healer Zhi G. Sha who says he gets inspiration from the Divine(God).  Pages 6 - 7 of the book states:
In order to serve humanity's health better   ...... it is vital  combining all modalities of conventional medicine & all modalities of complementary & alternative medicine.

Research has shown that Meniere's Disease is caused by high antibodies to collagen II & is an autoimmune disease.

An amplifier has a contol - moving it in one direction makes the sound louder & in the opposite direction brings less sound. The immune system has its own controls - blood cells caled the Helper T cells act to produce more antibodies while the Suppressor T cells do the opposite - lower production.

Is there a mechanism that is able to reach the T cells & to effect lowering of the antibodies?   Yes, that mechanism is called Oral Tolerance - this is the term researchers have given to this type of treatment.
a number of medical research trials have been done in this area, however, the results
on humans has not brought success.
There is research using Oral Tolerance with collagen on Otosclerosis.  Otosclerosis is slightly different from Meniere's but it has the same cause - antibodies to collagen II.
You can find this in the internet by doing a search on and place Oral vaccine in otosclerosis  in the search button.

The internet has other info on Oral Tolerance and autoimmune ear disease - use these
words if you want to find more info in the web.

For success, the research by Dr. Polly Matzinger proves that the T cells needs 2 stimulus to be fully activated.  The 1st stimulus is by administering Collagen II.  This 1st stimula makes the T cells in a state of anergy(No activity).  However, without the 2nd stimulus, the Tcell eventually dies.

But if this cell gets the 2nd stimulus or signal, it divides & proliferates - new cells are generated and will neutralize the high antibody production which goes down and will bring the cure.

Research has shown that certain blood components can be produced using stimulators.
For Example:
1. Interleukin 2 production is increased by taking Goji berry juice.
2. Tumor necrosis factor - production enhanced by lithium treatment.
3. Interferon - this factor works against virus infections( flu & colds) and even stimulates lymphocytes to attack tumors. Production enhanced by ginseng,  altragalus root, shiitaki mushroom, licorice & others.
4. Interferon is also produced by a new and
purely homeopathic formula - Engystol made by a  German company.

This 2nd signal is called CD80 or a chemical that resembles this molecule.  HOmeopathy can produce CD80.
You can find more info about CD80 by searching the internet using the words Second signal , CD80 & T cell.
The cure is possible by combining  the 1st signal collagen II and homeopathic formula together.

This 2 formulas are safe - collagen II is available as supplement in many sources.
Homeopathic medicines are also very common from homeopathics and the internet.
They are available  because they are safe.

Questions? Comments?

contact me at


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by rosewinslet410, Feb 20, 2013
My father is suffering from the same disease in right side ear and he usually feel a roaring sound called tinnitus, and the feeling of ear pressure or pain.
Is it the symptom of hearing loss?
Well to prevent his left side ear from infection and other related disorders we are using online hearing test services. It may be helpful to check the current status of his ear.

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by edsdev1, Feb 20, 2013
> Is it the symptom of hearing loss?

Everything except pain.  Go see a Dr. as soon as possible,

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by jhon79, Oct 27, 2013
For all you of out there diagnosied with SNHL . Thought of posting my story ...
Diagnoised with sudden hearing loss around April ..with no impovemnt in test results ..initially ..but after 6 months or so .. my results were almost close to normal ...
Being thru a lot of frustration with the Docs .. and carried out my own .. treatment plan .After all this i am writing this to let ppl know there is some hope out there ..when you do combination therapy one therapy will not work ..atleast in my case .

   Here is wot i did ... :
   1. Was able to take steriods within 3 days of onset symptoms .
   2. Presidisone + Ear Injections ....==== Did not help or see any imporvement for 1st month
    3. Then i started heavily on the Vitamins (B12) + Magnesium + Gingko + Antioxidant .. for 3-5 months continous .. Gingko showed great results atleast intially
   4. At last out of much frustation i have used Cinnazarine (anti histamine) for tinnitus .. this really helped my tinittus is almost softer now.

All in all my if you dont see a response in 1-2 months dont worry stick to you guts and follow your plan . **Only Combination Therapy Works **

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by edsdev1, Oct 27, 2013
I've been cured for two years now; for those who do not recover on their own in the first few weeks the ultimate and permanent cure is psychological nature, not a pill.

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by 14wrence, Jul 28, 2015
Thanks for this Edsdev1.  Almost exactly a year ago, my ear just popped, and it caused hearing loss and sever tinnitus.  I was falsely diagnosed with a perforated ear drum by NHS direct and a locum GP (my GP was on holiday)

So was told would be better in 6 weeks.  It never did, I went back to GP and had antibiotics as he thought maybe the perforation caused an infection.  Also never worked and that is when it was diagnosed as SSHL was too late go down the steroid route at that point.

Have now been suffering for a year, after panic attacks and treatment for depression I kind of adapted, and got used to it a bit, although it always annoys me.  

Today am having an off day, which is what made me come to google and I found your site.  Which has given me some hope.  

I need to find out how to do a food allergy test now I guess.

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by edsdev1, Jul 28, 2015
Although the allergy was the trigger for the loss, ultimately it was the physchological need that triggered the allergy.  Learning of to deal with stress ultimately cured me.  You can't get ride of the stress by how you deal with it makes a world of different.  See the work by Dr. John Sarno on this topic.  I'm happily all better after 4 years of suffering through this 'distraction'.

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