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Gallbladder Out, Different World

Sep 05, 2015 - 0 comments











Gallbladder removal

Sept 5, 2015: This same time last year I was horrendously ill with what turned out to be one 22mm stone and one 12mm stone and the beginnings of gallbladder inflammation. By June 5, 2015, the gallbladder was finally removed via a robot-assisted single incision laparoscopy.

I can say this: I do enjoy being free from the kick in the stomach / heartburn / stomach flu sensation 24/7. Oddly, laying on my stomach makes me nauseated now when it didn't before. I still have gastritis and esophagitis for reasons the doctor can't figure out, so perhaps that's part of it.

Having the gallbladder out has presented me with a different set of problems regarding diet. Certain and very specific types and amounts of fats can make me very ill. I can eat guacamole and cheese, but not peanut butter. I can have baked potatoes with a bit of butter, but not french fries. Cakes, muffins, and brownies contain too much oil / butter in condensed form to sit well, and any chocolate containing cocoa butter or other heavy fat is one step away from ipecac for me now. Learning what works and what doesn't all over again is a bit scary as well as tiresome. Sometimes I'm convinced that something wont' sit well---then it does, and other times I feel safe having something else and it gives me hell for 12 hours.

Caffeine is another item I cannot stomach in any significant amount anymore, which is tough because I used to adore my diet Mountain Dew. Even certain colas without caffeine do me in, like Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, and Coca Cola. Root Beer, strangely, doesn't have that effect. Not sure what the difference is.

It is fortunate at least that we had begun a vegetable-protein based diet in 2012, because that seems to be saving me from having too many run-ins with indigestion caused by saturated fats and other oils that would otherwise be found in meat entrees. I can nibble meats to taste, but can't make a meal out of them. Not a fan of sitting up with a bottle of Pepto Bismol, Maalox, and Zantac trying to fight the body's inability to digest fats now that the gallbladder is no longer there to dish out the bile in the amounts needed to do so.

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