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My poor baby girl

Mar 02, 2010 - 0 comments

baby girl









Well my daughter fell and chipped her front tooth this past friday. I knew that there was nerve damage and I wasn't sure just how bad it was so I tried getting her in to see a dentist last friday, but they all told me she would have to be seen by a pediatric specialist and the soonest appt they had was today.

She has stage 3 damage to her tooth. There is nerve damage and an infection has started and they want to pull the tooth because in a couple weeks the infection will spread to her gums and could damage her adult tooth. I am so devasted if I had just reacted faster she would still have her tooth. I went ahead and had them pull it because that was what was best for her I don't want her to suffer. I am just so upset why didn't I react faster????

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