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The worst vacation Ever

Mar 04, 2010 - 3 comments

Well i am back from a 2 week long vacation in Sunny Florida
The first thing Floridas weather was cold and raining most of the time we had one day of nice weather.
all 3 of my kids and my husband got strep throat we were at urgent care I started having chest pains 2 days
after we were there and they just kept getting worse I tryed so hard to just suck it up and think it was just my
anxiety and tomorrow would be better and then they got real bad and I thought I was having a heart attack
so I spent the next 2 days in the hospital having all kinds of test done. I had blood tests and all they showed
is that my potasium was really low so they gave me pills for that and I also had a chest xray done and a ultra sound
thing done of my heart and thena stress test. and all of those tests came back fine so that doctor said it must be acid
reflux and gave me protonix and sent me home from the hospital still in pain and I have been taking the protonix for 4 or 5 days now and i still dont even feel alittle bit better the pain is the same I am going crazy all of my family just thinks its the anxiety thing and they are telling to just deal with it. If they only knew what the pain is like and it is so easy for them
to say that. Well i am leaving for another doctors appointment and they better not just say its anxiety or I will scream.

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by margypops, Mar 04, 2010
It doesnt sound like Gerd, did you go to the Doctor today, what did he tell you, have you been lifting anything, that could have pulled a muscle ,you can get symptoms if you are stressed out that do seem the same as a heart attack, and they are real, as it would have shown up had you had a heart attack.Ggod Luck let us know what the Doc says ...marg

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by aheart, Mar 05, 2010
justmewe,  You said that they did do an ultra-sound? Beacause they were telling me it was gerd after my Pneumonia last winter, I had pain high in chest and very bad fatigue with any exertion at all. I had to keep going back and insisted that it was something else. Then they did a resting stress test & ultra-wound and there it was! A 95% block in my left ventricule that they coudn't find before, keep this in mind for yourself. I got a stenting done, and now feel better than in years! God Speed and good luck, don't give up until you find whats doing it.

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