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Well, today

Jul 12, 2008 - 0 comments

It was alright. I went to dad's to do some laundry. I am pmsing very badly. So I get there and he has a letter for me to sign. He wants to talk to my gyno! :) I was kindof happy cause it is showing me he does care. I feel bad cause it feels like im stressing the poor guy out with this stuff. He knows my goals are to have kids, but even so still shocking. Other family doesn't seem to care that it is a lifelong disease. I am menapausing at the same time. I told god today to bring it on cause im beating this no matter how much he dumps on me:) He knows im strong. I can do it! I am excited, my dad wants me to have this goiter removed. He is going to help pay for that and a partial hystorectomy. I am scared for anyone to come near certain parts, but oh well, ill live. Just the nausea i can'l!!! I try some crackers, just doesn't help.  

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