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Little Carter 2 oz and 6 inches long. Perfect lil angel!

Mar 10, 2010 - 5 comments

Well I never in my life thought I would be doing this all over again neither did my ob or any one else. I am just  shocked. I went to the ER to get evaluated since I had some contractions thought it was either Braxton Hicks or I was dehydrated. I felt my lil man a moving heard his heartbeating fast as usual, seen it on a portable ultrasound, but man it was so fast we couldnt count it so we went for a big ultrasound and it was gone. I just cant believe it, I went home in shock and just didnt know what to do hoping that the machine was wrong. The next morning 2/26 I will never forget, we went and ate breakfast dropped our 3 year old off at her mamaws and we went to the obs office where she has 3d/4d ultrasounds and it was gone all we could see is our sweet lil babies foot and his hand at his face where he had been sucking his thumb. No heartbeat he had gone to be with his brother. We didnt know what to think so they put me in labor at around 4 pm and with all the meds I stayed comfortable not know if my baby was a boy or girl, I had that to look forward to and seeing his or her face and holding him or her. At 2:38 am my precious angel was born, we seen automatically that he was a lil boy. So my lil Ashton Carter was here, again way too soon. He looked just like his brother Jacob and was just a lil less than Jacob in size and length. I held him and didnt want to let him go. I just still cant imagine that my lil boy is gone and I have two precious lil boys in heaven. I dont understand why, and never will. I just want my babies back.

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by bernie40, Mar 10, 2010
Oh sweetheart I'm so sorry you've had to go through this twice.  RIP you're gorgeous little boy xx

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by mamaofonetrying42, Mar 10, 2010
So sorry to hear this.. My heart goes out to you and your family....

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by daisymaisy, Mar 10, 2010
i apoligise for your lost i have also experiance losing a baby and sympathise with you dearly, i hope one day you can learn to accept what has happen and move on in your lif like i have..x

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by Lance06, Mar 10, 2010
OMG hun...I am so sorry you had to go through this all over again.

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by nickieb85, Mar 10, 2010
I am so sorry that you are having to deal with this all over again. I can't imagine your pain or your heartache. I hope that time heals you and that your boys are resting comfortably where there is no pain or grief. xoxoxo

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