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Still picking names

Mar 10, 2010 - 0 comments

For my new baby boys. My little gliders come in three days. Today I'm thinking Griffin, Ike, Jeffy, Sean, Maxwell, Luca, or Rhett. Whuh!

I had a freaky dream last night that I was IP and the ladies were mean and I hated being there and people I knew kept showing up and asking why I was there, and everyone else seemed to be there because they were mentally retarded or a drug addict. And I met the girl of my dreams, and I even knew it then. She was little with shiny red hair and a slopey nose and a pretty smile and beautiful eyes. And she liked me. She understood. But whatever, I was upset when I woke up and she wasn't real. I kept trying to leave, then I drove home, ended up back there, in a bus driven one way by my brother, the other way by the brother in Teeth. They kept laughing at me and I didn't like it. Then we got stuck somewhere in Alaska. I lost my sweatshirt and had to steal carrots from these peoples garden (yes, in the snow). They chased me around the house and I had to prove these two kids were menaces by destroying their house so the police would take them, all the while hiding carrots everywhere I could think of.

I madea cake and it was fun. I really love culinary now that I have friends. Thank you, prozac. Holy hell, thank you. If prozac was a god, that would be my religion. I hate that sometimes I'm a **** head but it's a small price to pay for being happy. I can smile and joke and it's been so much easier to keep up with the concepts and find things, too.

I can't stay awake in Algebra. I don't know why. I hate this again. I'm trying. Classes took a while, you know?

YAP. Lots of people weren't there. Dakota was back, but he is a little different. Not as cynical, maybe. That's probably a good thing, but I don't know. I'm a horrible person. And my heart was beating too fast for me to try anything with her. I'm so stupid. She stopped by and well I miss her a lot when she's gone. Her hair looks beautiful. I made her a ferret pillow. It's got duckies on it.

I'm trying to go to bed early tonight.

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