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womens issues:Need to find out.

Mar 11, 2010 - 3 comments



Women's Health







Hello my name on here is MAKE DOC LISTEN if you need to find out whats wrong , make your doctor hear you, don't be afraid of it you may thank yourself later and be glad you did. If they don't get  it go to one who will. and if by all means you need to go see a surgeon about it , they see it in real life they don't have to look at an x-ray to know if it's bad enough to be taken care of or not of course they still run tests but they know what tests to run and what medication you need for pain etc....  look till you find an answer and a treatment that works for you. Pain is depressing enough having a doctor who says its in your head is depressing as well. DON'T LET THEM  give you a depression pill for PAIN, Pain is real and it hurts and is a main cause of people trying to diagnose and treat themselves. I can't blame them when IT HURTS LIKE HELL and no doctor is listening.

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by makedoclisten, Mar 11, 2010
Men are not Women and have no idea what a woman goes through they can only guess. and guess what they think most of the time     "IT'S IN YOUR HEAD"        and want to shut you up to get you out of the office ,so they can move to the next patient, this kind of Doctor has no idea what you are going through and cannot fathom it as being real if they don't get it in a blood test etc... They gotta see your pain on a peice of paper they got back from a lab that you have no idea how your tests are done. well find out at least how it's done so you know it's been done right. and also they throw it off as a" WOMENS ISSUE " and call it normal Ha yeah RIGHT.  Did I make a lier outta him. Found it because I didn't shut up.

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by pennyc80, May 30, 2012

i want to know why i stopped menstruating 5 years ago. am still a virgin, no sxual activity at all. pls help.


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by Hildandi, Nov 30, 2012
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