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My first day on this website

Sep 30, 2015 - 0 comments

my first day here


What today feels like



While spending the last 3 hours looking for detox centers and/or rehabs that will accept my fiancé and I together I came across this website. First I browsed through to see what it was all about, I then saw something that interested me and also related to what I needed to know, what I was searching for all morning! In order to ask this girl my question, which was ' where did you find a suboxine doctor that take medical and can u refer me?', I had to create my own sign in. After all of that I asked my own question on my own page. I shared my story, which I will blog in another journal (probably another time), and asked everyone on this site what I can do and where can we go to get what we need. I kept looking through and started liking how this website keeps track of my moods and treatments and whatever else when ever I feel I need to share. I put okay for today because so far this has made me a lil excited. But I usually not in such a great mood. I'm usually very stressed out and depressed, always hating myself for not being clean yet, trying to make a change but when nothing different is happening I put myself down and hate myself for not trying harder... But I need more answers, I never gotten clean off of heroin before and I'm terrified. I'm so lucky to have my fiancé though to help me through this because he knows how to handle me and how to handle our situation. He is very amazing and I will also be writing about how wonderful he is in another blog. For now I must go for I have a crappy day to begin. Only because I've let satan into me and let him control my body, making me feel like dying if I do not get high. But I'll keep praying and asking God for forgiveness and strength to help me fight this battle no matter how long it takes or how hard it be. Thanks for letting me share And have a blessed day.

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