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24 week appointment

Mar 12, 2010 - 0 comments

Well they measured me at 35 weeks from the top of my fundus. I forgot to ask what his heart rate was. I gave them my birth plan and they will not sign it, not do it, and think I would like to go to another dr and hospital! I left crying!! I only gained 1lb since the last visit a month ago and she said my weight was great! Horray! My belly on the other hand ahs grown very big since the last visit she said, which she was not concerned about. We talked about the glucose screening too. She said it was not a test to say I had it but if I could have it!? I told her I dod nto want it and she said I needed to. I go back on Manday to see the perinatal nurse for my chart but she never told me when to come back to see her?! I will get my voucher for a free car seat them go somewhere else! I am goign to have my high risk dr deleiver me 2 1/2 hours away. The only thing nice about that is it has a level three nursery and is brand spankin new with whirl pool tubs you can have the baby in! Very nice! The do individuized birth plans as well! I probable will end up sueing my regular OB's office, him adn the hospital after I ahve the baby for medical neglagence and more! They refuse to honor my legal rights! Also my ob has only seen me once beign high risk! That is not good!

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