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Went to the doctor

Mar 17, 2010 - 1 comments


Well, I’m finished with the ECT doctor. Yesterday I spent hours doing more research on ECT. I printed off some very informative information about electrode placement and stimulation techniques. I went in to see the doctor today knowing if my questions were not answered adequately I would not schedule anymore treatments. I asked him specifically about the four types of electrode placement. He told me that it did not really matter where the electrodes were places as long as they produced a seizure. He did say that some electrode placements caused more adverse reactions, but the placement had nothing to do with how affective the treatment would be.

That is not what I read. Next, I asked about the stimulation. There are two types, brief pulse and sine wave. Apparently sine wave stimulation carries a far greater risk of adverse reaction. He told me that the stimulation is not what matters, what matters is the seizure. I asked again and told him I read that sine wave was more dangerous. He said it made no difference as long as it produced a seizure.

He told me since I already had 10 treatments and only 2 of them produced a very brief response it was not very likely I would benefit from anymore treatments. I was thinking there is no way I’m allowing you to do anymore treatments anyway. So that’s it. This whole experience has made me even more thankful for my psychiatrist. I wish my psychiatrist did ECT. I will be scheduling an appointment with him to see where we go from here. He is so reassuring. He has told me time and again that he is confident we will find something that is going to help me.
I’m going to keep on praying and hang on to God with everything I have in me.

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by cookie3114, Mar 19, 2010
Dearest L,
The ECT doctor's comments really surprise me. I am glad that you were able to do the research and ask the doctor pertainent questions. That shows that you have, indeed, kept your mind intact after the treatments that you have had. You have written very articulately and intelligently. My husband had the electrodes moved around during his treatments. Some treatments worked better than others.

I hope that your psychiatrist can help you continue on your path to recovery. From the sound of this posting, you are doing whatever you can to improve your condition. That's a very positive sign in my opinion!

If you feel that ECT has lifted you up, you may be able to find another practicioner who is more current in his methods. You had mentioned that this practicioner is retired--maybe his training is outdated. Your psychiatrist may adjust your medications and have other ideas.

Please let us know what your psychiatrist says. When will you see him again?

With hope and prayers,

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