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Round 2 - The Dreaded Two Week Wait...

Jul 16, 2008 - 0 comments

Two week wait


Pregnancy test


second IVF implant


positive thinking

So i've been laying low on the journal front so as not to think too much about the second implant...  And I've done great, it's Wednesday today and Friday I go for a pregnancy test.  I've not been reading into any of the feelings I have been having or not having.  I just thought that after all the drugs and the alteration of my cycle after my miscarriage nothing could be 100%.  I was very much like clock work on my cycle, but now who is to know.

Anyway this is what I know so far...  I am on day 30 of my cycle post 1st IVF, so this could be a great sign for Friday's pregnancy test because I was always 28 days by the clock, with very particular symptoms leading up to my period.  But as I said, everything means nothing after changing my body from all the IVF treatments.

So these are my thoughts so far...  Thinking positive for Friday, but remembering that my body has changed, and I will not loose sight of the changes that may have or not occurred in my body and will just continue on the path I am currently on and get to Friday and hope for good news, and if not then back to the doc and see what to do next.

I went to Adelaide for a family 21st and it was so cold there I got a little sick, which is not good for me being a diabetic, let alone on the verge of pregnancy...  So Panadol is it and rest...  Here's a little picture from the weekend (not the best, it's just from my mobile phone).

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