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HELP!!! could i be pregnant?

Dec 18, 2007 - 1 comments

unprotected sex


could I be pregnant?



I gave birth to twins on October 31st, 2007 and i got my period back November 30th and it lasted about 9 days. I've had unprotected sex alot, since the day after i gave birth, almost everyday and hes got off inside me almost everytime or he used the "pull out method". I've had alot of very light pink spotting since i got off my period, felt naseated but didn't throw up, constipation, and frequent urination. Could i be pregnant again?

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by notsurewhy, Dec 18, 2007
Hi, You need to see your doctor and have a test and if is negative I would have a check up with your gyno to make sure you have no infections and that you have no clotting. The nausia could be from something else going on in your body after birth which could be dangerous. Also the risks of getting pregnant are very high after giving birth and I don't know why you weren't given the minni pill. Don't wait get to the doctors for yourself.

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