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Oct 18, 2015 - 0 comments




Last night after I got the tremors I had to put a blanket on. That didn't help anything. I got very hot and had some intense dreams. One was Nick getting drafted.Then the second one was about me getting hurt. I was at some house Tyler was at a party and didn't want me there.I got sick. Really light headed and my heart was hurting a lot. I also had that feeling of my throat collapsing and how I couldn't breathe. I was at the hospital waiting and then all of a sudden I got up to walk because my symptoms weren't showing and I passed out and fractured my collar bone.Throughout this dream I was having some real chest pains I could feel my heart aching. Then I was in my dream thinking about my real life tremors and how it is a sign of MS.

So now I think.... should I go get checked out?

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