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Attack of the Gout....

Jul 16, 2008 - 1 comments


Thought I was past the Gout attacks... can't remember the last time, could be up to a year ago, if we're talking time off work. There has been the odd occasion when I feel pains in my feet/ankles and it suddenly dawns on me what type of pain it is.. so I manage to give myself a quick dose of Diclofenac Sodium (50mg) and if I'm lucky I catch it before it gets too bad. Then I try and think if there is something I've done to cause the attack... No, nothing on the diet front.. could be work stress I suppose... always some of that around.

Last evening I spent along time just hanging around watching the office colleagues playing Korfball... so I just assumed I had aching feet from all the standing.... it was too late before it dawned on me the real pain... and you feel such a fool... as you know it is too late and you're heading for a painful night.

Anyway, suffered through the night... pain relief started to kick in between 7am and 8am, after the 2nd pill.. and finally I could get some sleep... still painful now (some time after 3pm) but now it is the side effects from the Diclofenac I'm more concerned with... not pleasant at all, enough said.

Lets hope the damage to the ankle is not too bad...

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by standup4, Mar 13, 2013
Im looking for answers..Im on facbk..Heather Hanner ..( work at Conagra ..and from Westville IL. My 5 yr. Old Son  has attacks  middle of night mostly and wakes up cryin in pain feet swollen red warm to touch ..His aunts husband has gout and my little Boy has same symptoms. But Dr.  said that it was impossible for someone that young to have gout. Can u help me?  Just want to ask few questions

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