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There are eight million stories in this city..

Oct 23, 2015 - 3 comments

I had a morning coffee at Starbucks and was putting my $3,000 Apple computer in a carry sack. At the time I had a patch over one eye, was wearing a cervical collar and my foot was bandaged...

Along comes a young woman who begs for some money... I tell her to get a job.

At that moment she grabs my eyeglasses, throws them to the sidewalk and her boyfriend, whi is close by, grabs the strap holding the computer in the bag.

I am not a cop, but I thought quickly and yelled:

The guy lets go of the strap and he and the girl flee into the street.

At that moment a Kenworth eighteen-wheeler is trying to make the light, which is changing.

He must be doing sixty miles an hour.

Both of them get creamed by his front bumper, Mush, blood, mangled guts. Yuch.

You would have need a shovel to get them in body bags.

Hmmmm, I said to myself.

And took a sip of my double latte to go.

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9197017 tn?1429020416
by rpwoodard, Oct 28, 2015
Wow...what a story...

16508544 tn?1448653454
by SickofDox, Dec 06, 2015
Probably their best outcome for the paths that they were traveling.

4851940 tn?1515698193
by jemma116, Dec 10, 2015
How awful for all concerned.

Question:  Why would anyone want to take a $3,000 computer to a cafĂ© and especially when one was so incapacitated?

I would have offered to buy the woman a coffee and may be even a piece of cake to go with it.

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