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I love my boys!

Mar 22, 2010 - 7 comments

As I'm sitting here at work (waiting on correspondence to document reviews that are not happening yet), I am lost in daydream land and find myself randomly overcome with giggles when I think about my two boys.
What can I say? They are both so dang cute and wonderful and snuggly and funny, so I can't help but brag about them!
I was just going through some recent pictures I've taken of the two, and thinking to myself how thankful and blessed I am to have such perfectly beautiful, healthy boys who both bring me so much joy. I took some recent pictures of Greydon this weekend, and now that he's turning into Mr. Puff the marshmallow man, he's looking more and more like Trevor did when he was a baby, and who was fondly nicknamed "Shmoo" due to his striking resemblence to the cute, blob-like, teddy-bear-eyed creatures from the comic "Lil' Abner." Greydon looks so much like Trevor did that he's ended up with the nickname "Rerun," another comic character ("Peanuts") and also an accurate discription of his looks compared to Trevor's, lol.
As I looked at Greydon's pictures I took this weekend, I put it next to the baby pictures I had of Trevor when he was the same age. There's this one picture of Trevor making the perfect "Shmoo face," and when I saw it, I about spit my drink out laughing! Every time I see that picture, it cracks me up!
This last week, Greydon's hair has revealed quite a few curls on the top of his head, which are SO stinkin' cute and irrisitable to play with! But I have no idea from whom he inherited the curls, lol. Both Brandon and I have super straight, fine hair. The best conclusion we can come to is my mom? She has naturally wavy hair...but Greydon's curls look like a little poodle 'do! Lol...especially after a bath; the curls on top of his head get really tightly curled, then when his hair dries, it's more of a wavy look. Anyway, I'm just hoping the curls stay because they're so cute and I love twirling them around my fingers!
He's been cooing, laughing, giggling, and following people with his eyes these last couple of weeks, which completely melts anyone's heart. He has these little dimples when he smiles that make his little smiles super contageous and can turn you into a blabbering blob of mush--it don't matter who you are! He's such a happy baby. :-)

Trevor was so funny this weekend; we had him swim at the hotel pool where my in-laws were staying. Since he's been a baby, he's been terrified of swimming pools, or anything deeper than a bathtub. No explainable reason why...he just is (or was, now). We could never get him off the pool steps unless whoever was willing to carry him into the water with him holding a death grip around the neck and squeezing his legs around the waiste like he'd be dropped and drowned. Oftentimes, this would be accompanied with panic noises or screaming. I've tried every summer to get him used to swimming pools, even had him in swim lessons, but to no avail. But for some reason Saturday night, after getting carried out into the 3-4 foot "deep end" with Brandon, who ever so patiently worked with his fears, he found his confidence! And not just confidence to put his feet on the ground and realize he could actually touch the bottom without going under, but confidence enough to hold his breath and put his head under water, and shortly after that, get out of the pool and take running jumps off the side and into the water, knowing Brandon would let him go under for a second and then pull him back up. Lol, every time he'd get pulled back up to the surface, he'd be sputtering and coughing and flinging his arms, but Brandon would help him dog paddle back to the steps, where he'd drag himself out with a huge grin on his face and bloodshot eyes, saying, "Mom, mom! Did you see me? I can swim now! Did you see me swim?!" And then off he'd go to the side of the pool again and leap into the water before Brandon barely had time to get back to catch him and pull him up, lol. They both got their exercise that night, that's for sure!
Then last night he wanted to come running into my room and jump onto the bed as I was nursing Greydon, but he wasn't watching where he was going. He looked behind him in a full-out run just before coming through my bedroom door and nearly knocked himself out when he turned around at the last minute and did a face plant into the door frame. He hit the floor holding his noggin and cried out, but I couldn't help but laugh. I asked if he was okay and he staggered up to my bedside, crying and holding his head and just standing there wanting sympathy. I didn't mean to be laughing at him, but it was just so funny--like something straight from an America's Funniest Videos clip. I told him to crawl up next to me so I could look at his head, and Brandon walked in to see what happened. I quickly explained, still laughing. Then Trevor finally pitifully says, "I...I-I think...I n-n-need a hug and kiss so I'll feel better."
Brandon leaned over quickly and said, "Oh! I can do that for you!" and he exaggerated building up this big sloppy kiss and stretched his arms out wide and began to lean over to Trevor.
In a flash, Trevor leaned away and said, "Eew, no! I think I'd do better with a Mommy kiss. That's what I meant. You can stay back."
Lol, we both got a good laugh out of that.
A few mornings ago, I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to get everything ready to go. Poor Greydon was having a bad morning and he was just crying and crying over I don't know what. I'd try to console him whenever I could, but it wasn't doing much good. After a short time, Trevor really stepped up and did something I was so proud of, and he sat by Greydon the whole time I was getting things ready and spoke to him softly, held his little hands, rubbed his head, gave him his pacifier...and after a few minutes, he got Greydon completely calmed down! He kept saying to him, "Don't you worry. You're my baby brother and I'll always be here to look after you. I'm your big brother and I'm going to protect you and take care of you. Whenever you need me, I'm always gonna be there for you, okay baby brother? I love you so much and you're such a good boy and a cute baby."
It was the absolute most sweetest thing ever.

I love my boys! ♥

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127124 tn?1326735435
by have 2 kids, Mar 22, 2010
Awwww.  What great stories to share.

184674 tn?1360860493
by AHP84, Mar 22, 2010
Thank you. :-) They both make me such a proud mommy!

800427 tn?1324945719
by Sunkissed19, Mar 22, 2010
i agree, adorable stories :) Trevor seems like the best big brother ever...what he said to his little brother is a tear jerker! sooo cute!

184674 tn?1360860493
by AHP84, Mar 22, 2010
Trevor is a lil' charmer and very tender-hearted. He's given me the sniffles on a number of occasions, lol. He is a very good big brother and enjoys every moment of it.

184342 tn?1282588750
by tatorbug40, Mar 22, 2010
cute stories...  taylor was the same way with pools until this past summer...  i was always at a loss too!  

Taylor is the same way with Colt, and now that Colt is 2 he is protective of Taylor too, who is calls "siser"...  My Taylor's favorite singer is Taylor Swift...  on Friday I asked who they wanted to listen to in the car on the ride home, and Colt said "siser (Sister) swiff (Swift)"...  siser swift...  i almost had to pull over I was laughing so hard!  

184674 tn?1360860493
by AHP84, Mar 22, 2010
Lol, that is very cute! I love how kids can be so sweet to each other; I know it makes me feel like I am doing something right as a parent. ;-)

I never could figure out why Trevor was so aftraid of pools. The daycare he goes to has a pool they open each summer and do swim lessons with the kids--each summer I pay the extra money for him to have the lessons. But he'd never gotten over his phobia; his teachers told me he always refused to go in any deeper than two feet (off the steps) and he'd pitch a fit if they'd, so much for paying for lessons, huh? Well, last summer, he had a MAJOR panic attack in the pool that his teacher told me about the day after, but it actually had nothing to do with swimming. There were a few small, floating pool toys in the pool and a couple of them got too close to the filter for Trevor's comfort--you know, that little plastic flappy thing on the sides of in-ground pools that leads to the filter? Of course, nothing more than small debris gets sucked in there, so the pool toys were in no danger of getting sucked into oblivion, but Trevor was convinced otherwise when he saw the toys drifting closer and closer to the flappy thing, lol. His teachers said they were trying SO HARD not to laugh at him, because he was *freaking out* and screaming and crying for someone to rescue the toys--but if anyone got too close to the filter to reach for the toys, he'd scream bloody murder over that, thinking a person would get sucked in there too while going after the toys. So the poor kid was beside himself and could not be consoled, so the on-duty lifeguard teachers had to get a net on a pole to scoop the toys out for him, and then they said he put them all in a basket by the fence and sat next to it, refusing to let anyone take them back in the water, and telling everyone in the water not to get to close to "the hole in the wall, because you'll get sucked in!"

184342 tn?1282588750
by tatorbug40, Mar 22, 2010
he sounds a lot like Taylor!  :)  too cute!

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