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I gave it up!

Mar 22, 2010 - 5 comments

Accept it?

Instead of losing I gained ~ yet again. But, I'm not too concerned about it. I can live without any anxiety about weight. Life's going well & I'm not letting setbacks as trivial as this concern me. I'm often told I'm 'skinny' but that just ain't true. Have learned to relax & enjoy so many other things. For anyone else that's truly overweight don't take any notice of my ramblings. If your health's at stake you need to be serious. Wish you all luck. George

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by Sunlit80, Mar 22, 2010
I wish I had your additute towards my weight, I envy your courage

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by vienna13, Feb 03, 2011
Hi George again.
I believe good build up is more important (and as I had seen your pictures you have done that),so yes better to be well build than worry about kilos and pounds.  I always say those kilos are there because my muscles are heavy :)
But I must admit I also flattered when I notice I lost a few kilos. I am 76 kilos, but my dream to be again 67, but it is not THE gool, my gool is STAY happy and in balance with my whole self.
All start with self-love I have learned that long time ago, we all know that inside, just somehow forget about it time to time.
Take care, you are looking well, keep it up !


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by gofio, Feb 07, 2011
Hello Vienna, today I made my first run! I had not anticipated that I'd do that so soon. Wanted to test out if any of my 'innards' were loose in any way ~ no problems. Only ran for a couple of miles,but it made me feel much better.My belief''s that women are overconcerned about appearances, they are prey to all the makers of 'beauty' products, a wander around a chemist's shop indicated how expensive these (probablhy useless) products are. I have gained 8 lbs since returning home ~ not keen to get heavier, but it was a luxury to be able to 'pig-out' I don't anticipate getting the full 25 lbs I lost back, at my age muscle loss is common. Having no exercise for almost 2 months didn't help. Now I'm happy with my lot. In spite of having several good cameras I seldom take pics. Must try to make an effort to take some. In the 'Nature v Nurture' debate I'm inclined to believe that our genetics determine much more of our lives than most of us realise. Carefully choosing our parents is impossible, so we have to deal with the hand we have been dealt. A friend that has always done his best to 'be fit' with lots of cycling etc is at this moment undergoing an 8 hour operation, I'm a little pessimistic about the outcome, cancer of his oesophagus along with his other health issues, he's 6 months younger than me, I hope he makes it OK. As an atheist I'm not expecting anything from the supernatural, so it's important to  take advantage of whatever comes along. You are probably a well padded, comfortable 76 kg?Not had much experience with skinny women, but like women to feel different to men or skeletons. Bye for now, keep in touch, George.

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by vienna13, Feb 12, 2011
Hi George !  I lost a few pounds!!! I am only 163 cm, soo cant be in peace with my 76 kilos brr... now abut 74...
ahhh...after all only our health is important...:)...keep telling myself....

     Sorry about your friend, hope he will get out of the dark. I am not saying that positive attitude can keep us alive for ever, but help a lot. Mother of my good heart friend (UK) age over 65 went from a long time cancer patient to a stroke survivor, she spent weeks in the hospital in bad shape, but came out from all, unbelievable, now have a new boyfriend and feeling well. It is amassing for me to see people go one way or another based on their willing to get better and ofcourse genetic as well as important.
       I've been visiting health boards since my own Heart issues were discovered and DX d.... I never wanted to stay on that virtual world, but got hooked as we all had..:) I  had only one question in my mind, how many years I do have? I got about 20 answers all from the members of that board, (since it has been closed)...all those answers gave me brand new perspectives of LIFE. All helped some way.

  I used to argue with people about religions. :) Still would, but now feel sorry for fanatic people and I just prefer to let them be....Clamed myself as agnostic. Lately thons of information came to my way.. I believe that  all will start over in 2012-13...How? I don’t know :)... will see or wont, all OK with me.: I am pretty balanced." Ready for the worst, but hoping for the best.". All in a summary I do believe in "God".....but my God is the "Universal law."…. The Truth, …I BELIVE ALL HUMAN BEEINGS are equal !! Hate when one dare to think is better than the other just because royalty, money, skin color etc…
    You right women are often used and the are pry for the cosmetic companies.  They cant use me, I am smarter than that.:) I like natural ways most, and working in the advertisement field for few decades also helping to see the truth.

  Take care!
Keep up with the running! I will too, when? Don’t know. Will let you know.

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by gofio, Feb 24, 2011
Disagree about all humans being equal.Line up a dozen people & give them a task, such as who can spit the longest distance ~ or other things. The results show that we are not equal, some are dealt a better hand, how you play it's important, but nature will have the final say. Nurture's fine, but as is said :- ''You can't make a purse out of a pig's ear', but no doubt some can?Am entering for the Dutch 4Day Marches again in July, It will give me something that's not too easy to aim at. See ~ for full details. There's an English button on the site if you don't read Dutch.Best wishes, No one alive or  that's ever lived knew how long they have'/had to live. Just try to take it as it comes.Those N.Zealanders that died in earthquake couldn't have known how soon they'd be gone.When old I prefer to live one day at a time & do what I can to ignore the future regarding life expectancy. When you wake, just think of all the options you  have. Stay positive, get those trainers out & hit the road. I cycled this week, tomorrow I'll run. Best wishes,George

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