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Mammogram and US Preliminary Report

Jul 17, 2008 - 4 comments

My PRELIMINARY Report (I stress this because they did by stamping the page) :

Bilateral Diagnostic Mammogram and Right Breast US Dated 7/16/08:

Clinical Histroy of Episodic Bilateral Breast Tenderness with the Patient's Menstrual Cycle.  The patient reports breast pain has decreased since her initial physician visit.


Bilaterial mammogram deminstrates extremely dense breast tissue.  There is asymmetrically dense breast tissue in the 12:00 o'clock position of the breast.  No spiculated masses, architectural distortion or clustered pleomorphic microcalcifications are identified.

Sonography of the 12:00 o'clock position of the right breast demonstrates and 8 x 7 x 3 MM cyst and a well circumscribed lobular 12 x 5 x 11 MM solid nodule.  

Final Assessment:

Probably Benign, BI RADS 3.


Follow-up right sided mammogram and ultrasound in six months.  Asymmetric breast tissue is noted in the 12:00 o'clock position of the right breast.  Sonographically there is a solid nodule which is thought likely to represent a fibroadenoma and a small breast cyst.

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479581 tn?1317757488
by dai3symae, Jul 18, 2008
I just read the news about your ultrasound and wanted to send you a big smile :) and (((hug))).  What a long week for you...and what a relief...

Just follow up and continue to be your own best advocate (and we know you will be)... of my ultrasounds showed a cyst in a similar position...which I promptly forgot all about, until I lost weight, did a self-exam, felt it and freaked out...called, had an was the same old cyst

Enjoy the weekend...


487969 tn?1249313291
by mommy2two2008, Jul 18, 2008
Thanks Sandy.  Its the nodule that I am worried about.  It is larger than the cyst.  I am calmer today and will see the surgeon my GYN set up for me on the 23rd.  So, you really think this nodule is no big deal?  I surely hope its not.  My main problem is that this is all happening at once.  I am very aware that the breast thing could have been there a while though, so maybe its coincidence.  Again, many thanks and you have a great weekend too!  Hugs to you! ~Kim

487969 tn?1249313291
by mommy2two2008, Jul 23, 2008
BTW all - the final draft was the same as the preliminary.  

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by muze01, Oct 06, 2011
Hey guys I'm new here so sorry if posted in wrong place.. I have a question need help. I had a mammogram two yrs ago followed by ultrasound which I was told was just a cyst no concern. I had just had a hysterectomy so I let it go. The next mammogram was a year later all I heard was it was fine. This year I get a note saying there's a 9mm circumscribed module on right breast. I have been having pain there. Also breast r dense but had scattered unchanged calcifications. Apparently this was there last yr too. I requested u/s doc says no worries but u/s nurse says she would request removed. My grandmother had breast cancer an mothers had precancerous tumors removed any advice? Im a heavy smoker an have modules on lungs which they also say aren't growing an of no concern. Please give advice

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