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Stomach removal?

Jul 17, 2008 - 11 comments

stomach pacemaker


stomach removal






Dr help





I have a friennd that is like a mother to me! She is having to undergo a stomach removal because of many years of stomach problems. The only other solution would be to have a pacemaker put in to help with her issues but this would cost her $50,000.00 and is not coverd by her medicaid or insurance. I have heard the life expectancy on this kind of surgery is not very long. She has sufferd so much in her life and I think right now in this state of mind dying is probably some sort of relief to her. I personaly think she is way to young to die and I am trying to find some way to help her! If anyone has any advice for me please let me know. There is not much time left and there has got to be something that can be done! I am at my wits end and have no clue where to start!
Thanks, Amy

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by foolo, Aug 03, 2008
hi, amy,
i'd like to share my experience. i am a chinese male aged 68. i had undergone gastretomy last march. before my surgery, i only suffered stomach ache very occasionally. but i lost 20 pounds in weight within half year which i mistook it for a successful  weight loss program. the diagnosis was stomach lymphoma. the removal of the whole stomach with spleen was necessary. 'cause i had gallbladder stones so it was advisable to have it taken out. the whole surgery took six and half hours. luckily, i recovered very well. perhaps i had good health as an old man, i had not suffered from high blood pressure, high chlorestorol level and that kind of symtoms adhered to old people.

now i can lead a normal life. i can take in any kind of food as usual only at 80% of what i took before.i can also take in fatty substances such as cheese in small amount. i have to chew very thoroughly and swallow slowly. i had to be very careful with my dentures. so my opinion is that the removal of the whole stomach is no problem. Only that we have to listen to the medical advice and trust to God.


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by Marti5, Aug 28, 2008
Hello to anybody on this site. I'm new to this site and am seeking answers to my mother's ailments, hoping someone could point me in the direction on how to ask one of the doctors directly, listed, a question relating to her. I've selected on their name & title but don't know how to send or where to click to write them directly. Any response would be appreciated. Thank You,


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by casselman, May 15, 2009
Hi... I was looking for input from people who have had surgery on stomach removel. I am 37 yrs old and I have had many abdominal surgeries and i deal with motility disorders in my whole gi tract. I was diagnosised with dumping syndrome which I have found out that I have had it for many years, I also have found out my stomach is not able to accomidate food or expand for food. I am in pain every day 24/7 and it has taken over my life. I have heard lots of bad stories and good about this type of surgery but I just really want to research this out. If anyone can please give me input on their stories I would greatly appreciate it so much.

Thank you

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by jahlive, Oct 01, 2009
Hi casselman,

Please tell me your friend first name and age and I will submit this information to our prayer group so that she can be miraculously healed. I am presently going through stomach issues supposedly caused by hpylori bacteria and I have been prayed for. So all your friend has to do is EXPECT A MIRACLE!!!!! and tell her to say these words seven times a day three times a day for seven days starting today: JESUS CHRIST IS THE SON OF THE LIVING GOD! then she should read St. John 3: 16

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by rose709, May 16, 2010
by rose may15 2010
  my daughter had  her stomach removed today ,she had cancer.
i would like to know do you have a nomal bowel movement. or will she have to have a colostoma bag if so where.

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by Jazzi_Kreationz, Jan 07, 2011
I had my entire stomach removed November 7, 2004 at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota USA. It was that or die after weight loss surgery gone bad from 1989; I have been vomiting for 16 years, had 3 "revisions" and I was literally dying!

Stomach removal is not as bad as one would think, about 2 weeks after surgery I was able to eat meat and keep it down for the first time in 16 years! Being that I had struggled with my weight in the past, they also did a small 60cm bypass to help me keep my weight down. It was awesome! No colostomy bag was needed, in fact I didn't even have constipation anymore because I was able to keep fiber rich food down!

Please, don't worry about stomach removal; I found it amazing how the body adapts to it. The problems tend to occur in nutrition and medication and absorption issues and I'm not even sure how much that has to do with the stomach removal itself or the combination of stomach removal with the small bypass.

Before I had the surgery I talked to an eldery woman who was a friend of mine and her husband has his stomach removed 45 years before in Emergency Surgery due to bleeding ulcers. They took him from work into surgery and he was STILL alive and eating anything he wanted 45 years later! It was then that I began to have hope.

I have since had additional complications, however they feel that it has more to do with 16 years of vomiting than anything else. I have motility and swallowing problems. I have had aspiration pneumonia (one requiring inpatient hospitalization) in the past 6 months due to bites of food going into my lungs instead of my small intestine. (I DO NOT HAVE A POUCH AND WAS HOOKED UP ESOPHAGUS TO SMALL INTESTINE DIRECTLY)

I have had episodes where I have fallen asleep after dinner laying down and was awakened by coughing and actually coughed up a bite or two of food! Now the Dr says that I must sit up for at least 3 hours after eating. It also looks like the last resort which may be coming up this year would be a permanently placed "J-Tube" which is a feeding tube that is placed in the small intestine since I don't have a stomach. THEY DO NOT BELIEVE THIS WAS CAUSED BY THE STOMACH REMOVAL; THEY BELIEVE IT IS FROM 16 YEARS OF VOMITING!

Honestly, the real issue was the type of weight loss surgery that is responsible for all the scar tissue and kinks in my stomach that ruined it so it had to be removed! The removal itself was a symptom of bad weight loss surgery, as is the eventual feeding tube.

I am available to chat or email with anyone that needs it or would like to talk to someone that has had their stomach removed. I know a lot about nutrition and vitamins and absorbption (most learned the hard way)


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by sassy32, Aug 31, 2011
@Jazzi, my husband is probably going to have to have his stomach removed soon/he had the gastric sleeve 3 yrs ago.  A gastrentologist did a endoscopy the end of March2011.  Within a week he had a blood infection, rabomylosis.  They checked his heart, his spine and his brain to make sure the infection hadnt spread.  This was on April 13 he was released.  On Easter Sunday I took hi back his oxegen % was down to 85.  Long story short they found out in the er that he had a stomach leak and an majpr abcess in him.  They did emergency surgery cleaned him out and patched the stomach.  He has had drains til yesterday. and still has a j tube.  We are awaiting a consult with a Dr in Pittsburgh.  they are saying he has to have it removed,  My question is what can you tell me about all this/ what to expect/what about dumping/do u have to puree the food.  Thank u, Sassy

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by sassy32, Aug 31, 2011
What can anyone tell me about the surgery of stomach removal, the recovery time, the worst that can go wrong, the best outcomes of it.  If we dont have this done its a feeding tube  (which he has now)for the rest of his life.  He is 58 yrs old.  So please  give me some info so we can decide which way we want to go.

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by wendygirl50, Dec 14, 2011
Dear Jazzi, I just saw my surgeon today and was told that my stomach needs to be removed I trust him fully but I had weight loss surgery 8 years ago by another doctor  but was never told I could have multiple hernias which I just went through my 6th one and was told I could have more. Can you tell me how you are doing now I asked my surgeon if there was a chance that down the road would I need a feeding tube or something like that and he could not answer me. Right now that is my biggest fears what could happen in the future. Thanks

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by cynthiad46, Jan 30, 2014
I had gastric bypass 5 years ago. A year and ahalf after surgery I I was diagnosed with dumping syndrome, then a perforated ulcer had it repaired then was diagnosed with anemia I need to go for an infusion once a week. Got another ulcer had to have it surgically repaired.Now one year later I have another  ulcer that could perforate at anytime.they wanted to take my stomach out any advice ? How long is recovery ? I am already on a feeding tube.  I see this surgery as  a positive and it might be the light at the end of the tunnel !!!!!!  I'm in pain 24 /7 it is destroying my family I can't bear to watch my husband cry because he can help me and he don't know what to do.    I'm afraid to be alone or go anywhere for fear that it will perform I'm a time bomb waiting to go off .need a vacation and somewhat of a real life back this has been pure hell !! For me , husband, and poor 16 year old son and can't see surgeon until February 19th

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by HarleyMan1055, Sep 29, 2014
I  had a total gastric surgery. I other words I had my stomach removed. It has been a little over a year and a half. I had a disease called Cronkite Canada Syndrome. Basically, I had polyps in my stomach and colon. One of the polyps turned into cancer. I was having a liquid diet the day after surgery. I had drop syndrome a couple of times the first week. I was released after 8 days. When I was released, I was told I could start eating solid food. After a week of light solid food, I started food like meats and vegetables. Since I could tolerate solid foods, I was cleared to eat anything. Just recently, I had problems of twisted bowels. This is caused by scar tissue. I have to drink or eat a small meal quite often. Other than that, life has been OK. If anyone tells you the surgery was not so painful, they are lying. The 1st 3days, pain was very intense. That God for pain medicines. I have my esophagus connected to my intestine. The intestine does stretched out and made a pouch. When you eat, everything has to be followed by water or juice. I
was told by my GI doctor, no one knows how long I can expect to live. Everyone is different. Now in my case, my disease is rare. Only 12 people in the world is known to have it. I donated my stomach, for research, to a Dr./Professor at USC  in Los Angeles. I hope my story has helped. God bless you all!

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