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6 Weeks POST RAI 131 :)

Mar 25, 2010 - 4 comments





RAI 131 radioactive iodine


thyroid cancer RAI 131 scan



~~~Mar 17, 2010~~~
I had to laugh. My boys try to be sensitive to the "weight" things and to the "age" thing. They are trying to understand what is proper and what is not in front of girls of all ages. They are so lost on what is acceptable and what is not that it makes me laugh.

The other day, my son asked me under his breath, "So mom, uhm ya know, uhm, when are you, ya know, going to uhm, lose weight? I mean now that you have had your treatment, that should make you better right?" What is that quote? Out of the mouths of babes?

I figure the adults are wondering, but they either assume I am fine, or just are too polite to ask. I know if I am wondering, when will I hit normal? Then I cannot be upset with my children for wondering the same thing. Although I think they will be mildly disappointed that I will not be ready (ever) to toss on a bikini LOL

We've been having a lot of fun. A lot of my old self is coming back. I am excited to find myself getting cabin fever and wanting to get out. I fight getting tired like a little kid. I wanna go PLAY!!! One mile under 18 minutes, pretty good time for a family. :) Although I know I need more weight off and more toning...I ran after my sons the other day and something horrifying *** jiggled all over! I was like OMG but I have a flat butt, I have never had the much talked about "junk in my trunk". That promoted me to do something I should never, ever do...when I showered...I looked in the dreaded mirror of truth.

It's true what they say, the truth really does hurt!!!!!!!

Oh yeah, and we have been hitting the park ...and going to the movies. the movies, is like me at church on Christmas eve, it just doesn't really happen.

I want to wash that gray right out of my hair!! D A N G  I T ...all the dyes have a chance to give me the same cancer I might get from RAI 131 treatments. Sooooooooooooo I have been trying to find a "green" salon to get my hair done in. One that uses vegetable dyes. I have too much gray and since the RAI 131 I have some fat wrinkles too, err crease...or uhm yeah laugh lines? Bah...I need a make over LOL I won't do it...but I can dream. I feel a bit of a toad...about to hit 40 in a few months.


My scar a scar! OMG! It's visible, but not bad. I kind of like it now. I will be all talking to someone...and if they bother me...I just bring up look at my cool scar....and the word cancer...and POOF they are done bothering me.
(cues evil music...mwhahahahahaha! That's my evil laugh.)

Hey if you got it...might as well use it!

Don't judge! O.o

I find I have issues sleeping at night. I dunno if its the medication, or if it's just when I finally settle in and try to sleep, I start thinking about the "what if's". What if it comes back...what if it spreads...
my cure for the "what if's" NCSI, CSI Miami, CSI NY, CSI LA, Bones, CSI and if I have nothing left to watch, good ole George Lopez is always there to make me laugh. The sad part is I can go on about 5-6 hours sleep, but then it only adds to me being tired the next day. It's a vicious cycle!! I'm out of real people to talk to at 1am TV fills that void :)

Mother nature is mean. True Story. The End.

I will wait a couple more cycles to see if that changes.

The dryness in my skin and hair is awful. I will say that is 100% a pain in the rear. I hate it. I have been trying to help it, but I am the true picture of a cracker: White, pasty, dry, crumbling...


Hopefully in a few more weeks I will have had some improvements to post :) I will make an update after I go in for my check up and blood work ups in a week or two.

I hope you are all well and feeling good health coming back to you my RAI buddies.

XOXO peace

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1118230 tn?1270064091
by LisafromFL, Mar 31, 2010
   I bought some really expensive shampoo at Walmart the other day that seems to be helping my dry hair.  And I ordered some Avon cream that has been doing wonders for my dry skin!  It's "Moisture Therapy" and works really well on my legs and arms.  I feel so much better with my skin not flaking off; is it any wonder?  haha
   I have been using pure Vitamin E oil on my scar and it looks great!  Someone asked me when I had had it done and I told them not quite three months ago and they were shocked.  They had theirs done about a year and a half ago and it did not look as good.  They didn't know about massaging it with the oil and had not used anything on it.  Poor girl.
   About a month after my surgery the doc upped my Synthroid from the .150 I have used for years to .175 everyday with an extra half tablet on Sundays.  When I went back after the second month, I saw the endo's assistant and told him I just didn't feel "right" yet.  He looked in my records and saw that since cancer had been found/removed, that I needed to be suppressed under the lower end of the scale.  I was at a 2.43 and the goal is 0.3 - 2.0.  Sooooo, I am now taking .200 everyday.  He said after about 3 three weeks I should feel better and be right where I should be after 6 weeks.  I feel like I am finally on the right track.  Yeeehaaa!!
   I have a question about the hair dye - it can cause the cancer to come back??  I have not heard that before, so any insight would be helpful :)

Wishing you lots of good health!!!   --- Lisa

1058524 tn?1285187240
by Justi_has_a_booboo, Mar 31, 2010
Oh I have missed you! I am glad to see you are well Lisa (left ya a note in reply to your note)

I have not put anything on my scar. It still freaks me out to touch it. I'm afraid to put coverup on it to silence the purple. It looks like a kitten got me or I have th oddest papercut. :P In a month or so I want to start in with a dermatologist. I want to have him/her work with my face and my hair. :) Annnnnnnnnnd my scar. :) Hey don't look at me like that...I am not a baby! My scar itches sometimes and other times if I get sweaty it kinda stings! *pout*

Ohhh I have been avoiding getting my blood work done. I worried they would recuce my meds, to have them go up might be good since I do have issues with fatigue and dry skin/hair still. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so good to know tyty Miss Lisa :)

I did some reading the chemicals in the USA hair dye have been linked to the same possible cancers linked to high doses of RAI 131. My concern is over time, if I have to have more doses of the RAI 131... then build up the hair dye chemicals in my body... I will be double jinxing myself in the cancer lotto. So I am looking into some dyes which have just become popular in the USA in the last few years. These dyes have been used in Europe for a long time where our hair dye formulas have been banned for many years because the Europeans know of the cancer risks involved. I found one that has awesome reviews here is a link:  if you do a Google search its being sold in the USA.

1118230 tn?1270064091
by LisafromFL, Mar 31, 2010
   I think I am going to go the gray route.  :X
   I have a way cool streak starting to develop on the right side.  I am hoping that the silver rubs off in the Lotto department and I receive some REAL silver.  Or gold.  As in coins.  LOL  But, I do look younger than the 46 I will be in May and the gray may help me look my age.  Ha!  I got my haircut last week and when I put it back in a headband I looked young.  I actually got carded when I bought some red wine for my spaghetti sauce!  I told the doc that I did not want to lose weight; that if I did then all my wrinkles would show.  The fat helps fill them in.  I don't think he thought it was as funny as I did.  But pooh on him, he has not lived my life!  boooyahhhh
   I would go for the blood work.  After all, you know your body and how tired you are.  My endo told me that if I did get too much synthroid that I may have heart palpatations, anxiety, severe mood swings, etc.  He told my husband to be on the lookout for those mood swings!  So far, so good, so the .200 must be the right dose.  I go back for bloodwork on the 21st, so  hopefully my numbers will be in the right range.
   The biggest thing that I have noticed after the surgery was the almost instantaneous improvement of the brain fog.  Which is a good thing, as work has been very busy and stressful since I went back.  But I finally feel like I can handle it, which my boss was relieved to hear.  I am counting down the days to the 6 week mark so I know I will be fully engaged with the meds...
   My scar is not raised much.  The doc told me that as soon as the dermabond glue came off to start massaging it whenever I watched tv or was stuck in traffic.  This would encourage blood flow and speed the healing.  Looks like he was right.  As soon as I get my phone back from my daughter (her's is broken), I will take a picture and post it.
   You know, after I reread my posts they always sound lame and disjointed.  I am tempted to erase them, but then I figure, a lame note is better than no note at all.  Sooooo, you are stuck with my lameness!

1058524 tn?1285187240
by Justi_has_a_booboo, Mar 31, 2010
omg lmao you are so not lame! I am jealous you are just getting gray? ugh I have been going gray since I getting sick years ago. I am going to cover it for I feel I want to not look my age LOL!!

OMG you are so funny! I agree chunka chunka's do fill in those laugh lines :) I just want to get to about 150-155 and I will be happy. If these were viking days, I would be a hottie! I have those large bones and wide birthing hip LOL! Sadly we are not in days where being full figured is appreciated as it once was. :) I come from a long line of very beauitufl and proud full figured women, so the only reason I want to drop a little, is because I can now if that makes sense.

I'm enjoying the lack of brain fog too! I am so pleased to do the simple things like grocery shop without a dang list! I remember so many things and can handle stressy things with ease now :)

If you start exploding at .200 then I hope you left your hubby with something to tame you with HAHA!

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