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Jul 17, 2008 - 4 comments

I have Hashimoto's Hypothyroidism.
I have Thyroiditis with a TPO count of 767 (normal range 0 - 34).

I have a solitary 2.5 x 2.0 x 2.3 cm heterogeneous solid, hypervascular (w/ massive blood flow) lession w/in mid to inferior portion of Left lobe of Thyroid gland and has some cystic areas within.

FNA COMMENTS: Few Follicular cellsmacrophages, WBC's, and RBC's present small amount of colloid present suggestive of Thyroiditis. Diagnosis: Negative for malignancy

Thyroid Uptake Scan: 12% (normal 24-hour uptake 10-33%)
Thyroid Imaging: Imaging in the AP and oblique projections suggests slight asymmetrical enlargement of the left lobe of the thyroid gland as well as the presence of an are of photopenia within the inferior pole of the left lobe. A nodule measuring approximately 2-2.5cm in diameter is suspected within the inferior pole.

I have Peripheral Neuropathy.

I have Focal Seizures and Chronic Migraines.

I have Connective Tissue Disease. (CTD)

I have Esophageal Erosion. (EE)
Erosive esophagitis - LA grade B 2 columns of erosions
I have Hiatal Hernia 1 cm.
Some scarring noted in the distal esophagus.
Esophageal dilation was differed due to EE, repeat EGD 12wks for probably dilation and look for barretts

I have a 1.8 cm right ovarian cyst

I have 4 - 5 Bulged discs in back, and small uncovertabral osteophytes at C4-5 on right
resulting in right foraminal stenosis. Epidural steroid injections for swelling and pain.

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389974 tn?1331015242
by swampcritter, Jul 18, 2008
Well, this diagnosis makes sense. Many of the symptoms you had suggested an endocrine problem, hence hypothyroidism, which is quite treatable.

But why did you develop the hypothyroidism? Could there be a more basic cause?

If the thyroid problem is treated, will the neuropathy take care of itself?

Connective tissue disease is a disease that attacks the collagen proteins, which are a basic part of the tissues that hold the body together. There are many kinds of connective tissue diseases. Some are autoimmune, some are genetic. There can be other causes as well. There may be some difficulty in identifying the precise one that is affecting you, as the symptoms overlap.

541431 tn?1225894360
by missouriangel, Jul 18, 2008
I assumed that the reason I have Hypothyroidism, is because of the tumor/lesion on my thyroid? How about that Thyroiditis stuff? I don't really know, now you have me asking questions? What are the basic causes of Hypothyroidism, or how do you develop it?

As far as the Neuropathy, my doctor says not to get my hopes up. It is possible for therapy to relieve some of the symptoms, but what nerve damage is done is not repairable. However, we can prevent more damage from being done as we are pretty sure we know the cause of the Neuropathy. "It is progessing quickly, so we are working quicker" as doc says.

The connective tissue disease is very confusing to me. My doctor isn't saying alot about that yet, he has already dropped a couple of bombs on me. He has said that there is damage to the bottom of my esophagus that is concerning. He said we will discuss that after the scope, when he knows more. I'm ok with that, as I am terrified and confused with the information he has already given me.

389974 tn?1331015242
by swampcritter, Jul 18, 2008
It sounds to Swampy like you have a good doctor -- he is proceeding carefully and doing tests as needed.

Something, somehow, damaged your thyroid. There are many possible causes. As you are in the thyroid community, they might have ideas.

> I'm ok with that, as I am terrified and confused with the information he has already given me.

The doctor is being careful. He needs to give you the message about what the full range of problems could be, so that you know what to expect from treatment.

Hang in there!

541431 tn?1225894360
by missouriangel, Jul 19, 2008
I really do have a wonderful doctor, and Swampy is a great advisor!
I think my nurse is a vampire, I'm a pin cushin, and my doctor thinks I'm a lab rat! ha ha

Well I have Thyroiditis, and as a kid I always had strep throat ALOT! Would that do it?
Also there is a good chance I have Hashi's, it runs on both sides of my family.
AR-10 Mentioned Radiation Exposure I've had so many x-rays, CT scans, and a nuclear uptake done?
And when I was in the hospital my potassium was really low!!!!
      So there is like 4 reasons, it is damaged. What do they do for a damaged Thyroid?

>What info have they scared Swampy with?

The doctor is keeping me in suspense and that is driving me crazy! He keeps dropping the little bombs like 3 at a time. So how many more are there?? The first 3 weren't exactly little.

I'm not hangin, just layin'!

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