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Panicking over IVF pricing?

Nov 04, 2015 - 11 comments

Ladies, I just got this in the mail today.  I wanted just an idea and now I'm panicking. I thought I had enough for the IVF, with ICSI and possibly the meds but now I don't think I do.  Am I going to need ALL of this???  I know I'll need the whole IVF and the ICSI and possibly the TESA but ugh, that's a lot more than what I have.  I know I shouldn't be panicking already, I haven't even had my first appointment but I can't help it.  Ugh!!  Also someone mentioned programs to help with fertility meds, do they help with a percent, all of them or how does that work?

Yeap, I'm a stresser, already given myself a headache over this and I just got it in the mail about 30 min ago.  Blah!!  

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by Belle313, Nov 04, 2015
It's quite expensive. It kind of feels like we are punished for not being able to conceive on our own J says.
I won't tell you how much debt we still have to pay here. It's depressing & I'm sorry it's stressing you out. It's so important to make sure you are in good working order before you go thru this to make sure you pour everything you've got into this IVF cycle. You are young now and have the best chances of this working NOW. Brian has a few more good working years in him. You guys will find a way to make it happen. Go onto MDR's website and you will see the different financing, discount programs. These are NOT for MDR exclusively. If you have any questions or if I have anything you might need it's yours. I hope you know that. Try not to stress too much my dear.

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by Belle313, Nov 04, 2015
I just saw the attachment here.  They are charging you about 7k less then we paid with the discount we were given this time.  I am sure that doesn't make you feel much better.  The only reason we got a discount this time was because we had done so many fresh cycles with them and two FETS. ( For us to use 2 donors (DE and DS) it was something like 38K for one cycle.  NO guarantees.  There was no way in he!! we could justify that when I did make a few good eggs.) Can you ask them if they have any special programs there at the clinic.  They normally won't offer them if they think they can get you to pay full cost.  I wish I would of know that a long time ago but what's done is done right? Worst they can say is no

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by Belle313, Nov 04, 2015
The national average according to web md is 12,400.00. I don't know how current that is. I couldn't find a date on the page.

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by Hollus, Nov 04, 2015
I'd be panicking too but just remember that the universe is abundant and this need can be provided! Seek and you shall find. I have faith and you will be such an amazing mom too! I will keep on praying for you Des!

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by Belle313, Nov 04, 2015
Sending you an important message this evening. Please make sure to read it, Des.

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by mhv, Nov 04, 2015
Have you thought about a refund program?  There are several available, although I know your motion sickness prevents you from traveling.  Ask your clinic if they have one.  A lot of clinics do.  There is also a company called attain IVF.  They offer a refund program too.  I wish I would have sent that route. A money back guarentee would give you piece of mind.
If it makes you feel any better, we spent over 60,000 to get te twins. :-/

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by renae176, Nov 04, 2015
There is programs that can help with the meds I know this is in Canada but i paid $7500 for IVF with ICSI and assisted hatching and that included some meds not all Il pm you

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by xeniamo, Nov 05, 2015
Hi, I am sorry and wish you to manage with costs and panic. And as the option- consider ivf abroad- just calculate all expenses. E.g. in Poland- a fertilily clinic with high success rate, good service and so on, cost of programs:
Poland is low cost country, so living, food and transport are very cheap. Add flights, analyse and make a decision. Good luck

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by butterflybabies, Nov 06, 2015
That cost is similar to what we paid. For us meds costed more then the procedure itself. I can't remember exactly the cost for us but in the 4 1/2yrs of seeing a fertility doc and the treatments we have spent about $60,000 by the time we had our boys. It's so stressful but at this point no good in stressing as you don't know exactly what will be needed till your appointment. You can try googling for some ivf grants, refund programs and they also have credit cards specifically for ivf I can't remember what it's called. Ask your clinic to they might have some financing programs they are a part of.

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by Des_a_rae, Nov 08, 2015
Thank you ladies SO much. I'm sorry I haven't replied sooner.  My computer went kaput and I had to set it back to factory settings.  Then after 4 days of updates I think it's ok.  Omg I need a new one actually lol.  

We've never had credit cards and I think that's just what we'll do.  We haven't gotten this far for nothing and I'll try to get help with the meds through programs, I'll ask the dr.'s office if there's something they know of that will help.  And if it comes down to it we'll just finance the rest.  That's all I can think of to do besides hope and pray about it all.  :)

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by xeniamo, Nov 27, 2015
wish you yr plan will work

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