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1st time charting!

Jun 26, 2008 - 0 comments

To get the hang of charting, I decided to practice for a month before I go off of birth control. (So, for the month of July, I was still taking my birth control pill, Aviane.) I had some spotting later in the month most likely due to the antibiotics I was on while I was out of the country; I normally don't spot at all in between periods. All of the temps this month were taken at 5am with 6+ hours of sleep with an oral BBT thermometer. My last birth control pill was July 19.

Next month will be our first official month of TTC! We can't wait! Hopefully charting my temps will be helpful; however, with a possible case of PCOS...I'm sort of scared I won't ovulate :\ Either way, we'll have fun trying and I'm trying not to worry or over think something that isn't even an issue yet! Wish us luck! :)

(Oh, and just for reference...I don't really do any type of "ferning test," but since there is no symptom check list for diarrhea, I decided to use "ferning" to represent diarrhea, which I almost always get before my period.)

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