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Britton Marie is Here!

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sorry its taken me so long to post about Brittons birth i have been trying so hard to get enough sleep lol
this is going to be very long and probably TMI sorry lol
we got to the hospital right on time at 8 oclock. got to our room around 820. it took the nurse FOREVER before the nurse found a vein good enough for an IV lol. she said my veins are soo tiny! lol. but eventually we got things moving and they hooked me up to fluids and the pitocin. she came in and would double up the pitocin until my contractions seemed to progress on their own which didnt take long at all. when my doctor got there he broke my waters. it was the funniest thing that ever happpened to me lol. i had my hubby with me and my close friend jen there to support me. i had to change the towel under me like a million times because with each contraction i was losing a lot of my water lol. i got up so that they could change the pads i was sitting on. (bad idea!!!) lmao. i gushed allll over the floor as if i had just broke my water. we stood there laughing our a**es off for like 10 minutes even through my contractions. we were having a good time waiting for Britton to arrive. it was going really well until i got to about 6 cm. the nurse offered me to get an epidural or to get some iv drugs. i decided it would be a good idea to get the iv meds to take the edge off the contractions. (horrible idea!!!) the drugs only lasted about 35 minutes and by then the contractions were much stronger and made me miserable. i went about 20-30 minutes without anything. DH went out to go pick up some lunch for them and while he was gone i couldn't take it anymore so i told jen to ring the nurse to get the epidural. DH got back and the anesthesiologist arrived. i was sooo scared about how much pain it was going to be. it was haard for me to relax because the contractions were only about 1 and a half min apart at this point. he said he was going to numb me as much as possible because i was so scared. DH was trying so hard to calm me down, and it helped a lot. and when he finally did it i didn't feel a thing. not even a pinch. i was so thankful for him. the epidural only took about 10min to start numbing me up a bit. (mostly on my right side) i had some minor crmping on my left side the rest of my labor but it was sooo much better. i could still move my left leg, but my right one was almost completely numb until like 2 hours after they stopped the drugs. after i got my epi i was checked and she said i was 7-8 cm. i was so relieved that there was only transition left and that my baby girl was going to be here soon. i was also getting very anxious about pushing. one of my big fears was tearing. DH decided to take a nap, and me and jen just sat around and relaxed watching my contractions on the monitor. all of a sudden the contractions just stopped and all i felt was a lot of pressure! and i felt like i had to poo! lol i knew it was almost time to push. the screen no longer showed contractions but little waves of pressure that i was feeling. i held out for like 15 more minutes until i told jen that it was definately time for the nurse to come back. (it only took me like 30min to dilate from 8-10) jen was sooo thrilled but i was becoming veryyy nervous. i told the nurse that i had to have a BM very badly and she just told me that i was ready to push. i was like "well im definately going to poop too! lol she reassured me that it was fine and ran out to find the doctor. right when she came back she got me in position to push and jen and DH held my legs. i didnt really feel much relief while pushing like i thought i would have. it was annoying lol. the doctor showed up after i pushed for like 8 minutes. and i had my baby girl about 10 minutes later. doctor helped me relax in between pushes and let me push as much as i wanted. and guess what!? no tearing! atleast not on the outside lol. i got a few stitches inside but nothing major so im not in much pain. :) she latched on right away after they checked her out. so breastfeeding was easy for her. but that changed after our first night. then it would take me an hour or more to get her latched and then she would only eat for 10minutes because she would be so tired from trying so hard. we were going to get discharged on saturday but after i started having latching problems i told them i wanted to stay a day longer. she ended up going over 5 hrs without feeding and all she did wa sleep. no matter what i tried i couldnt even get her to try latching and she was starting to turn yellow. i was starting to freak out so the nurse brought me a breast pump to try and immediately after feeding her i was soo happy. for the rest of the day. so relieved. so ive been pumping ever since. unfortunately that means i have to go out and buy a pump. the manual Medela they gave me was good for the past 2 days but now its leaking whenever i use it so that really *****. but its not really made for regular, long term pumping anyways.

Britton Marie born at 3:05 pm 19.5 inches 7lbs 12 ounces.

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796506 tn?1370188305
by nickieb85, Mar 29, 2010
Yay! I am so glad to read your story! I'm glad that you didn't have much of a problem and my little man was the same size and the epiderals are sooooo wonderful! Congrats momma! Hopefully Britton will stop fighting you and will breastfeed and save you the pump! I can't wait to see pics!

676912 tn?1332812551
by smjmekg, Mar 29, 2010
YAY!!! I'm so glad she's finally here! Congrats!

800427 tn?1324945719
by Sunkissed19, Mar 29, 2010
Yay! ive been waiting to read your birth story!! congrats! im glad everything went well and hopefully Britton will get the hang of breastfeeding soon and hey if not...,pumping is good too! I cant wait to see pictures! post some soon!! :)

1222635 tn?1366396286
by mom2ariana, Mar 29, 2010
congratulations!!!!!!!! im so glad everything went smoothly!!!

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by mamaofonetrying42, Mar 29, 2010

1041303 tn?1421387341
by frank_noahsmommy, Mar 29, 2010
Congrats on your baby girl, can't wait to see pics!!!

1123420 tn?1350561158
by ammanda, Apr 03, 2010
congrats on your little girl, i see her pics and she is so precious.. i really hope she takes to breastfeedin for you!!! and im glad to hear your labor and delievery went so well..

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