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Nov 18, 2015 - 2 comments

Went to visit a woman I haven't seen in about a year. She's in a nursing home quite a long ways and I've been unable to travel. About an hour train ride.  It seems I have been her only visitor in a year. She has no living relatives. The hallway of the nursing home was filled with women sitting in wheelchairs staring into space.  I got to her room and we watched television a while and I held her hand.  As I was about to leave she told me she knew she was dying and asked me to arrange for her cremation and disperse her ashes.

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by SickofDox, Dec 06, 2015
That's cool. I've working in snf's, most are horrible places, junk food and noisy with little activities, volunteers or visitors. The employees are the closest most have.

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by kushiwalkingstick, Dec 06, 2015
I think that is a lovely thing you are doing for her. I hope you are okay. My mother is 78 now and I would not be happy to see her left sitting around. Everyone deserves a decent quality of life and the way elderly people are just left with no stimulation or activity in these places is Bedlam to me.

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