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the new addition..

Jul 19, 2008 - 0 comments

I found out friday last week that I'm having another baby! i'm appromixitly 3 weeks,the baby was concieved between the 8th and 12 of this month!(gotta love those  blood test, find out 24 hours after conception) which really is  only about a week becuase they add 2 weeks on..not really sure how to explain it. But anybody thats had a baby understands what i'm talking about..So around April 10th of next year this family of 2 will turn into a family of three..hopefully Hunter will  beok sharing his mommy.I'm scared $hitless and excited at the same time..It all happened so fast..i go monday to te obgyn to get all the nitty gritty details..And then we have to start the xanxa weaning..I'm hoping that I found out that i was pregnant soon enough that the xanxa won't effect the baby..Its going to be a ruff couple of weeks...But were only blessed with what we can handle..everything happens for a reason..!!!!!!

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