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I hope everything is okay

Apr 03, 2010 - 6 comments

Well, my numbers are good so far; however I have a little spotting when I wipe and that scares me just a little. I hope it is just some implantation bleeding and nothing more.  Pray for me that this is a sticky bean and everything is going to be okay!  So scared!!

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by nickieb85, Apr 03, 2010
I am sorry that you are freaking out. I hope that everything works out for you and if your numbers are rising well then it is just probably left over =) I hope you feel better soon =)

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by LandM2009, Apr 03, 2010
Is it brown or red? I had brown spotting from 5 weeks until 10 weeks so it may be nothing. You will be in my prayers!

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by 1angelbabyM, Apr 03, 2010
It's brown so I really hope it's nothing!

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by MissmyAngel, Apr 03, 2010
thats a good thing that its brown :) Most likely it is just implantation. I will pray for you!

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by babyhope8, Apr 03, 2010
Try to relax as long as it is brown it might even be some old blood left behind or implantion so take deep breath and "TRY" relax I know how hard it can be but hey there's just so much we can do....I will keep you in my prayers

1024452 tn?1323708817
by 1angelbabyM, Apr 05, 2010
Well, knock on wood, I have not had anymore brown spotting since Saturday so I really do hope it was just some leftovers from implantation.  I went in this morning and had my second round of betas and I can't wait to hear those numbers.  Please pray everthing is good with those for me!!  Thanks you all for all of your support!  I'm so glad to have this sight to go to with people who have experienced the same things as me!  All of you girls are so wonderful!!

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