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November 24th 2015 11:54PM

Nov 24, 2015 - 0 comments

Today has been interesting, I have had multiple things happen to me today that I am convinced are signs from God that it is time for this chapter of my life to close. At 9PM I was robbed by my drug dealer who has never done me wrong or anyone else wrong that I know of. He got me for 240 dollars which would of gotten me 3 opana 40s (oranges). I was so suprised it happened because Im his best customer and I usually come to him with around 1000$ each time I meet him but this time I only had 240$. I actually consider myself lucky it wasn't any more. It really makes you think about the struggle I go thru just to feel ok daily but like I said yesterday today was it. I ended up getting two 30mg half moons which are pretty hard to come across. The half moons are my favorite and I actually told myself a week ago that the day I come across half moons again is the day I'll quit. I also found subutex which is what I've been looking for for a while because you don't have to wait until your in full blown withdrawal to take it like you do with suboxone strips. If you take suboxone to soon after a pill it knocks the opiats off your receptors causing you to go in to a very very uncomfortable withdrawal that you can't get to end unless you do mass amounts of opiates. IT *****!!! Believe me I've had it happen when I was a less experienced addict. But back to these godly signs... I really think that these signs are from God leading me to end this chapter of my life. 1. My roommates are suspicious of my behavior 2. I found subutex to help me come off panda 3. I got robbed by my main dealer today 4. My old flight instructor told me he thinks my life is about to turn toward the best.. And im sure there's a few more that im not thinking about right now but my plan for tomorrow is to wake up and do half of my subutex to keep me from feeling to sick. I have one more half moon 30mg for before bed tonight so I will waKE up with nothing witch I haven't done in about 5 month. Wish me luck! I'll add another log tomorrow

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