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Ultrasound & IUI

Apr 06, 2010 - 1 comments

Today was my U/S to determine when I’m gonna have my IUI.  I currently have one follicle at 16 and one at 17, so I’m supposed to take the trigger shot on Thursday, BD on Thursday, and then have the IUI on Saturday morning.  I’m a little concerned because I am having twinges in my ovaries, and worried that I will O before they have a chance to do the IUI.  (I O’d on CD11 last month.)  It is more normal for me to have LH surge on CD12, so as long as things do go back to what is normal for me, the timing of the IUI should be bang on.  I think I will lay off of the exercise – don’t wanna jiggle my ovaries too much.  I had asked the RE about exercise and he said it should be fine, but i hadnt mentioned ovarian pain to him.

I’m pretty happy about my endometrium.  Today is CD9, and it’s measuring at 6.2.  For a girl whose lining has never been above 7.2 even at the time of Ovulation, I’d say that 6.2 at 4 days before O is pretty good.  Not sure how quickly it grows, but I don’t think that 6.2 is a bad number for me.  Maybe the acupuncture is helping.

Had a different RE today.  He was very thorough and very nice.  I kindof prefer him to my own RE, but whatcha gonna do??!!

On the bright side, I paid for the procedure today, and the entire thing was only $400!  I was expecting to have to pay $400 + $200 for sperm washing, and then $$ for my U/S today.  LOL in terms of prices for services from the RE, this is the deal of the century!

Still not quite over all that krap from DHs stepmom, but the more I think about it, the more proud I become of myself!

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by Kricket212, Apr 06, 2010
Very excited for you......Good Luck.

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