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No answers, and even MORE questions

Dec 07, 2015 - 0 comments

Today I saw my neurosurgeon's PA.  My tremors are worse than even I knew they were.  She said it was like my nervous system is in shock, everything was in spasm, even the muscles in my neck ... from a possibly collapsing syrinx.  She mentioned looking up spinal cord injury and that I would probably recognize most of the symptoms as ones I have.  I am not going to do that.  Her theory is it's neurons firing that haven't had a chance to, causing spasms, and that it might get worse before it gets better.  Even my eyelids, when I close my eyes.  She called Dr Kim and we waited for him to get back to her.  It's something he wants to see for himself, tomorrow.  He only has clinic on Tuesdays.  She doesn't know if he will order an LP or MRI or what ... I almost fell walking out of the appointment.  I told her I was scared of taking anything for pain because I didn't want to get more dizzy and she told me to take 5mg of VALIUM, go home, don't walk, and come back tomorrow to see Dr Kim.

My appointment is at 3:15 ... which is SO late.  I don't know if they'll admit me for testing or maybe its something that can wait.  The good news is.  I have no fever.  My vital signs were picture perfect.

ONE crazy thing the PA mentioned.  I had a CT back at the end of August because my headaches got much worse, quick.  I went to a local urgent care place on August 29th.  That transferred me to my surgeons hospital ... It was a seriously violently bumpy ride.  But the CT.  She said compared to then, and my last MRI on November 5th, my herniation was much worse.  What in the world could have caused that?  In two months?  The only thing that happened, they discovered,  was my LP shunt broke ... and the CT scan with less herniation says "A subarachnoid catheter fragment is again demonstrated on the left side of the posterior fossa."  so I went back and tried to find pictures of it.  It was all replaced September 3rd, only a few days later.  But how did my herniation get significantly worse in that short time frame?  I'm adding pictures of the CT that I found, and a snapshot of the report.  To go from THAT.  To next day re-decompression .... in two months.

Another thing I noticed.  Because obviously I'm not SHOWERING.  When I put my head back in the bath tub.  It almost felt like I could pass out.  I don't think I would ... but I didn't try to replicate that feeling more than three times.  Yes, three.  I'm anxious and tired of the familiarity of my neurosurgeons office, and Memorial Hermann.  

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