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Last Rx order

Dec 20, 2007 - 4 comments

Tomorrow I will recieve the last order of tramadol I ever want to order! I am going to print out the Thomas recipe and giving it to Rob. Along with the bottle when it comes tomorrow. i will take 5 days to recover (c/t) I suppose, but everyone here has had such great results after day 4 that I think I can do it! Rob is off for the next 11 days, so he can help out where I need him too. I do not want to start another year with this going on! I have too many other issues that I don't have control over, this addiction is only making it worse!!

i want to take the $127 (almost every week!) and put it in a box. When I feel better I will see how much is in there. I bet I can go on vacation or something like that!! i mean, just one month is about $400! ****, I feel like such a loser!!

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by GoingToMakeIt, Dec 25, 2007
Way to Go Girl!
     This is a tremendously good decision. AND you are not a loser! Stop that right now! I bet you don't think that about others here, do you? Well neither are you. These drugs take over. Even our wills are weakened by them. You are a special person and you don't deserve to be under the influence of these drugs. You deserve to be clean and free to enjoy life again. You have such great aspirations and ambitions to have them squelched by a mere drug. I know that you are better than these drugs. I know that you will make it.
Sending thoughts and prayers to succeed your way. LOLv

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by avisg, Dec 25, 2007
Girlie Plz dont beat yourself up .You are doing a great thing ,it is great you have help to make it threw.It is rough for four or ive days but you can make it threw.I am here if you need help.
Merry Christmas

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by randy4u, Jan 07, 2008
How did you come out of the tramadol addiction? I was up to 10 50's 3 times a day. I am now down to 6 three times a day and will hopefully be off by next month.
I know about the 117.00 every week and the fed-ex package coming. They all know me at fed-ex and think that I am a private duty nurse. This whole thing is real sick. I have been on them since May 2006.  Not sure if you were up there in my dose range, but I actually just read your story and it looks like mine. I have HUGE credit card bills for this 500.00 per month addiction.
I was using norco after a work related accident. I switched to tramadol after I asked the dr. to take me off opiates. Little did I know I would end up like this.
I have to stop because I am having heart pain, sweating profusely at work, and my pulse is now off. I can not tell my doctor because I will be always labled as an addict, but I know thta I am. This time I am stopping, hopefully. I hope and pray that you are well.

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by randy4u, Jan 31, 2008
Hi Shelly. I deleted your email address on accident. I am still off them and still feel like s*#&  Let me know how you are.   ***@****

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