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another good #

Apr 09, 2010 - 10 comments

My number went from 1331 on Tuesday to 4149 today (Friday) !! Could this mean multiples? April 20th seems really far away!! Soooo relieved that everything went well today :)

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by Kricket212, Apr 09, 2010
OMG........... How many babies are you having? LOL  Maybe triplets????

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by k10road, Apr 09, 2010
holy crap!  that's freakin awesome!!!!!  It most DEFINITELY could mean multiples!!!!!  But, it could also be one with crazy high numbers.  I can't wait to hear!!!  And you're right...April 20 seems soooo far away!!!  LOL.  Have a good weekend sharing the news :-)

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by LandM2009, Apr 09, 2010
I am so excited for you! If you google HCG levels by days/weeks there are websites that show you an average level you should be on that day and I think they factor multiples too. Looks like you are in a two week wait of another kind! Try to stay busy!

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by Robin0224, Apr 09, 2010
HOLY CRAP! How many are you growing in there? I can't wait until the 20th! I hope the hubby doesn't pass out!

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by pooket825, Apr 09, 2010
I am waiting for the 20th to hear about multiples, OMG I can not believe it. I will be waiting to hear about how many we are having, I am also due on the 15th gonna test on the 17th though cause the witch could decide she wants to show late. the countdown begins.

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by jennlaurin80, Apr 11, 2010
It sure would be awesome to have some bonus babies...i dont think god will give me more than i can handle. This has been one crazy journey. My mom & sister keep saying they have a strong feeling its triplets. I will be happy with any healthy baby or babies. But i just want to know right NOW !!!!! COME ON April 20th !

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by Kricket212, Apr 11, 2010
I would say I would hope for twins verses triplets.  It is alot more safe to carry twins.  It's not very often you hear someone with triplets.  Good Luck to you!!.  When is that special day?

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by jennlaurin80, Apr 11, 2010
I am hoping for twins since ive had such a hard time getting pregnant(dont think i could go through all the fertility treatment again)...anything more than 1 is going to be extremely overwhelming, but i say bring it on ;)
9 days left of speculating

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by Sammy_J, Apr 12, 2010
Wow, thats awesome. Praying for extra bonuses for you! Keep us posted...

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by megan1111, Apr 12, 2010
Awsome. My parents keep saying twins and sure enough we are having twins. My numbers went from 1200 to almost 9000 in 48 hours. So you have a good chance for multiples!!!! Good luck and keep us posted!

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