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Jul 22, 2008 - 0 comments




I didnt realize that I have been clean for a long time now, I am almost to 500 days of NO METH in my system! YEAH! Im delighted now! Ok also My old friend and her mom got busted for Crystal meth just last week! The cops raided the house, found an Ounce of that **** and paraphanilia. So this is the mothers 2nd offense and shell be going for at least 10 years. But my friends brother got pulled over about 4 days before their house got raided and they found meth making chemicals and paraphanilia. Its his 3rd offense for the exact same thing, so guess what???? LIFE!!! Thats what they give to drug offenders on their 3rd offense in OKlahoma... LIFE IN PRISON! God! If i can tell you exactly how many friends that Ive lost, watched go to jail, lose their children over that ****! You would be amazed! Im glad to say I am was a meth addict and anyone can change their life! NO matter how involved you are in something, you can always get out, run the other way... if life means more to you than a high, heartache, & death!

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