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Apr 15, 2010 - 0 comments


So... there I found myself in South Florida and I don't know a thing about how they food taste here, especially their take-out food. Although I'm a big girl, who looooves to eat, I'm not one who will eat any and everything that's handed to me. I'm a very picky eater believe it or not. Anyway, within a few hours on being a Floridian I'm finding myself home sick and not because I miss my family or the fact that PA was the only state I've ever known in my 31 years of my life. Oh no, it was the fact that I could not go the fast food joints, which by the way, was on ever corner, a chow down on a fat juicy cheesesteak and some cheese fries. The food was so good at these places that you ignore the fact that each time you step out of your door in Philadelphia you're putting your life in danger. But who cares, the food was just that good. Now I'm in Florida and the only thing I know about this state is they love oranges, tummy tucks and they voted for Obama. Oh Lord, help me....

Food Diary
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