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Dec 30, 2015 - 0 comments


Work called me early to see if I could cover for Varina (coworker) who couldn't get into work.

Bob told them that I needed a day off & had plans.

I woke & heard that & was sort of glad but kept feeling guilty.
Checked in with Christine at work & found out she & Jamaica were the only 2 working.
I let her know I would be avail for a short while if needed after I got back from the store.
Bob felt he needed cornflakes for the meal he was hard at by the time I'd gotten up.

He worked very hard on the meal deep frying all day long.
Autumn got up and helped a little but kind of went AOL on him. I jumped in and was happy to be included.
He was starting to stress some but kept it together.

Luckily, work was able to get coverage. I was able to have the whole day off.

I went & picked up the grandbabies earlier than needed. Figured, I wasn't going to be "necessary" all day waiting for Michael & grandbabies after the game.

By time I got back, Bob was stressing. Autumn wasn't able to be in the kitchen much & I kept wanting to help him & be with grandbabies. Thought I'd do some sledding with them but I had to put them aside & felt guilty about bringing them & just doing that to them but knew Bob was stressing & I went to help.

Dinner went off fairly well. Food was great. After everyone left, Bob  kids played Poker for a while.

They all looked pretty happy...

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