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Be Thankful

Apr 16, 2010 - 2 comments

Be Thankful

1 Oh, give thanks to the Lord, for He IS good! For His mercy
endures forever!

It seems the more people have the less thankful they become!
TODAY complaints are abundant, but thank you's are few!

15 And let the peace of God rule in your hearts, to which also
you were called in one body; and be thankful.

Being thankful is not a choice for a Christian. If it was
impossible, God would not have told us to do it!

So, why are people not thankful?

Gratitude is a mark of maturity! Ingratitude is a mark of
immaturity. Babies are never thankful!

Neither are proud people thankful. Why? Because their mindset
is that they deserve not just everything they have, BUT even
better. "Why be thankful for something less than what you
deserve?" describes their thinking.

A funny thing you will notice if you consider it: unthankful
people are never happy. In fact, the more thankful a person is,
the happier they are!

(This is an example of how acting on God's Word is for our
benefit. God didn't invent commands just to be bossy.)

You will not be bothered with depression if you act on the
Word of God and "be thankful." The cure for unhappiness is
being thankful! Try it!!!

But HOW can you overcome the bad habit of ingratitude? ONLY by
changing your core beliefs. As long as you believe you are
getting a raw deal, or less than you deserve, you will never
become a thankful person!

BUT if you realize that you deserved punishment and Eternal
separation from God -- yet in His mercy God instead gave you
what He deserved, and EVERYTHING you have -- including every
breath you breathe -- is a gift -- THEN you will become a
thankful person.

SAY THIS: I give thanks to the Lord for He is good, and His
mercy endures forever. I will be thankful for ALL God does for

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1258271 tn?1271348166
by Pebbles66, Apr 21, 2010
And don't ever 4get it! Ha I love that Joycee. Praise God, sometimes our lives get so bizzy and than we forget to Thank the Lord for all he does for us.(even the lil blessings. That's when we tend to do it our way, and we all know where that leads us back2. I continually have 2 remind myself, but I am continually walking around saying "Thank you Jesus!" praising his name.
I hadn't seen u on here in a lil while, was thinking of u! WOW 235 days PRAISE GOD, THANK YOU JESUS! Hope all is going well! Enjoy hearing from u. I haven't been on here as much either- Bizzy staying plugged in- Taking care of Biz!
Everyday He gives me just what I need, not 2much, not less JUST enough. Our Father is such an awesome Daddy and loves us so much-He hears our every needs!
Well off to a program 2 get my electric PUD paid- Have an appt. This morning. Made it on Monday, thought Appt was 4 yesterday & I went-Nope its 4 2day. My electric is due for shut off 2day! I am trusting in Him, He knows my needs- Please say a lil Prayer! When it gets paid- I will b Thanking Him, cause it's his works! Praise God!
Have a Blessed God filled day!

My redeemer LIVES

203342 tn?1328737207
by April2, Apr 21, 2010
This is so true and such a good reminder! I know I am thankful I have a Savior who is so patient, loving and forgiving. I'm thankful I have Jesus in my life because He's the best friend I could ever hope for!

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