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Jan 06, 2016 - 0 comments

Last few days have been SO Much better...

Well, after the argument that led Bob to leave for 1 of his "thinking walks..."
It was snowing steadily & had been for most of the day.

I say in the dark on the sofa till some time in the middle of the night I must have fallen
asleep, because the sound of the pellet stove woke me after 3am.

Figured he'd just walked to Michaels so I restarted the stove & went to bed a little angry/irritated...

When my alarm went off in the morning for work, I got up & peeked in on
the empty spare room (thinking maybe, he came back with out me knowing...)

On my way to put my coffee pod into my machine I noticed his usual night clothing
with his slipper boots were untouched...

I texted my son Michael to see if he was there & when he said, "nope" I nearly
felt manic because it hadn't stopped snowing all night. I asked Michael if this is when I should call the police he said yes but see if he went to Daves 1st...

Long story short, Dave found him on the property & had him come home because I was worried.
The good that came from this was I was pretty worried/relieved when he walked back in...
I scolded him but kept asking why he would do that to me???

He was just trying to deal with what he felt was his inability to fix anything, (landlord, heat, water, finances issues...)

We were able to start talking again, (finally, after several weeks... We were communicating again)

Not so lonely any more.. Did that for more than 20 years with prev husband... Had told him, I can't
go through that again & won't...  We're always going to be fine as long as he doesn't shut me out...
As long as we continue to communicate.

Now, not sure what to do about this land lord issue.

That's a Whole Other **** Storm...

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