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Interesting timing

Apr 18, 2010 - 0 comments



pregnancy over 35


could I be pregnant?

So... here I am, finally starting to take a healthy approach to losing weight (lost over 16 lbs!).  Really, really committed to exercising (have just built up to two hours per session!)  Of course, I ordered a new bikini for inspiration since we are going on a cruise and then another trip to Vegas this summer.  

...And then... 28 days since my last cycle... 29 days... 30... 31...?!?!  So I go out and buy one of those special little tests at the local supermarket and... one pink line .... *WHEW!!*.... oh... wait... no.... can't be..... *GASP!!*.... a SECOND pink line.  Unbelievable!  My bad for getting off BC pills, but they were making me feel awful: migraines, light sensitivity headaches, fatigue, irritability, bloating, AND interfering with my weight loss efforts.  But (I thought) my husband and I were being careful (famous last words, right?).  Well, I guess I can cancel that appointment I had to get a diaphragm next week.  Sigh... ironic that the on-base doctor doesn't do diaphragms (only offer the pill and IUD and that wasn't for me) so they had to give me a referral, which I had to wait to get in the mail... then schedule the appointment.    

So, I guess I will have to make a different kind of appointment this week.  And rethink this whole calorie thing.  I hope I can maintain exercising.  I was really sick with my first child and really tired all the time with my second.  I even bought those special pregnancy DVDs those two times in highest hopes that I would do them.  They were still in the plastic wrap when I consigned them :o(  Then I get kidney [roblems in the second trimester that have me doubling over in pain.  But maybe this time will be different and I will be able to stick with it, having seen what my post-pregnant body looks like and how hard I have to work to get it back to a good weight.

Or, maybe the test is wrong... who knows... lol

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